Should You Stay Or Should You Go….To France In The Off-Season?

The rock band, The Clash, have a popular song called, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”. This is always a question many ask when considering a trip to France in the off-season.  Although I have written about some of the highlights of travelling to Paris in December or January in this post I’ll share more of my thoughts about travelling in the off-season.  You just might be surprised. Continue reading →

The One Place You Should Visit In Bordeaux: La Cité du Vin

La Cite du Vin

When you think of Bordeaux, France you might immediately think of wine. If you do, then you should also seriously consider visiting La Cité du Vin, a wine museum that is far from the “stuffy”, boring museums that you might be used to. It’s literally hands-on, interactive, and fun for adults and children. Oh, did I forget to mention? There’s wine tasting at the end of your visit, too! Continue reading →

Seeing Paris In A Different Light—Night Time

View from Printemps terrace at night

There is an entirely different look and feel to Paris when seen at night. While I have shared where to get some great views of Paris from different vantage points (Getting Different Views), these were for daytime shots. I’m sure they’re fine at night too, however, I HIGHLY recommend you visit these locations at night to not only enjoy Paris when it is quieter (fewer crowds), but also to get some interesting shots. Continue reading →