Run Drink Eat Run To Le Baron Rouge

Le Baron Rouge oysters

For those who follow my blog, you probably know that I love to run when I am travelling in France. I also love wine. So, I decided to combine the two when I was recently in Paris. I had heard about a great wine bar called, “Le Baron Rouge”. It is located just east of the Bastille and one Sunday morning I decided I wanted to visit this place.  But, I also wanted to get a short run in. What would I do? Have you heard of the movie, “Run, Lola, Run”? This is my version: “Run Drink Eat Run To Le Baron Rouge”. It’s a unique experience I think everyone should try. Let me explain. Continue reading →

Travel For Your Well-being

Travel For Your Well-Being1

There are many people who don’t travel. Some cannot afford to travel. Some are perfectly content to stay at home and just do their “staycations”. I’m not about to judge anyone for their decision, just like I hope others don’t judge me when I travel to France again and again.

“À chacun son goût” = “To each his own”.

So why travel to France….or anywhere in the world? Travel for your well-being. Continue reading →

10 Beautiful Places That Will Make You Want To Visit France

Beautiful Places France

I’m often asked, “ Where is my favourite place in France?” If you’re talking about what places I find incredibly beautiful, it’s so hard to choose. I won’t even mention those in Paris that I love because there are so many beautiful places.

So this week’s post is to share with you 10 places I’ve visited outside of Paris that I think are beautiful just look at. See how many places you know. I am still adding to my collection and I apologize in advance for possibly not showing one of your favourites. I’ll have to do a future post with more places. Continue reading →

Perfect Places To Picnic In Paris

Picnic baguette

For your next dinner in Paris, how about soaking up the French atmosphere outdoors, be serenaded by local musicians, and save a bit of money? Not at a bistro or café. Travelling can get expensive and it can become tedious eating out all the time, no? Every once in a while, you just want to pick up a baguette, some cheese and wine for dinner. I suggest you have a picnic in Paris. I’ll help you choose a location. Continue reading →