A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Avignon

Palais des Papes, Avignon

When travelling there are some things you just never forget. Many, many years ago, during the first trip my friend Laurie ever took with me, we travelled to the south of France and on our way to Avignon, we first checked into our hotel. Whenever I hear or see the word, “Avignon”, unfortunately, I think of a funny thing that happened on the way….well, maybe not that funny to Laurie.  I’ll first share what happened and then share the wonderful things about the town of Avignon, the place I wish we had stayed in. Continue reading →

France To Switzerland (Part 1): Montreux And The Jazz Festival

Montreux Jazz Festival

France shares the border with eight countries: Spain, Andorra, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium.  It is so easy to get to any of these countries by plane, train, or automobile. Recently I drove from Chamonix, France in the French Alps and highly recommend you make a short excursion to western Switzerland. In the first of two posts, I’ll share how I got there and some highlights you might enjoy. This week it will be about Montreux, located on the northeastern shores of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). Continue reading →

Detours Worth Making: Yvoire and Pérouges

Yvoire, France

During my recent trip to France I actually arranged my accommodations and itinerary so that I could visit two new places: Yvoire and Pérouges. Both are classified as “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France”. Therefore, they are one of 155 villages that have received this special designation of being one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France”.  In my research, many people commented about these places being “beautiful”, “charming” and “picturesque”. As I love to take photos and love medieval towns, I had to find a way to get there. Continue reading →

Cité Medievale de Conflans In Albertville

Cite Medievale de Conflans

I made a mistake the first time I visited Albertville, France. Walked around the quaint town and saw the giant Tour de France t-shirt but discovered afterwards that I had missed one of the best parts of the area. Fortunately, I was going through the town on my way to Chamonix, so I made a stop and so glad I did. This is an experience I would have regretted missing: seeing the Cité Medievale de Conflans. Continue reading →