6 Embarrassing Mistakes That Tourists Make In France

Mistakes tourists make
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Every time I go to France, I see tourists make embarrassing mistakes in dealing with the French and there are some that make me cringe or laugh. Just a forewarning that in the French language  there are many double meanings. So, when you go to France, please watch how you handle these situations as some can be very embarrassing.

Embarrassing Mistakes You Say? You Be The Judge.

Hot or Horny?

Don’t say, “Je suis chaud”. Let’s say it’s summer and it’s 95 degrees in Paris. Yes, you are (temperature) hot and you should say, “J’ai chaud” just as you would say I am thirsty (“J’ai soif”) or I am hungry (“J’ai faim”). You do NOT say, “Je suis chaud”. It basically means, “I am horny”.


Bises-Kisses at Pompidou Centre Paris France
Bises-Kisses in front of the Pompidou Centre. Photo: J. Chung

The Verb “To Kiss”

Don’t use the word “biser” as a verb (to kiss) as it can also be a vulgar slang term depending on the context. If you are not careful, you might say, “Il m’a baisée” which means “He f____ed me” even though you thought you were saying, “He kissed me”.

It’s better to say, “Il m’a embrassée”, “faire une bise”, or “faire une bisou” to mean to give a kiss on the cheek.

Number of Kisses

Don’t kiss the wrong number of times. You’ve seen it in the movies: two people greet each other and kiss each other on the cheek. It really isn’t a “kiss” but a coming together of the cheeks. The kiss is a “la bise”.  Kisses are given on each cheek by men and women to the same and opposite sex. But did you know that different regions have different number of kisses? Here’s the rule:

  • 2 bises (one on each cheek) is for Paris
  • 3 bises are often used in the south of France
  • 4 bises are often used in the north of France

You’re Good….In Bed?

I know you want to congratulate someone by saying, “Tu es bonne” (“You’re good”), but unfortunately, this means “You’re good in bed” (well, actually something worse than that). Instead, say, “Tu chante bien” (You sing well)—say what the person is good at.

Squeezing The Melons

Cavaillon France market Melons
Cavaillon Melons

Don’t squeeze the melons! Just point to what you want or tell the seller what you want and have him/her get it for you. When in France we don’t touch the produce! (Exception: sometimes in a grocery store where you choose and weigh your own products).

Dressing Too Casually

Marathon du Medoc, France

Don’t wear sweat pants, yoga pants, flip flops, shorts or running shoes (unless you are actually running). In some churches shoulders should be covered. It’s more a sign of respect in many churches and dressing inappropriately is frowned upon. The French do casual chic better than any other nation. Join them





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  1. Now I have to return to France….

    Because I have not had the opportunity, which was always a bit surprising now that I think of it, to say I’m horny so kiss me and squeeze me. And in my best French attitude with my head held high, “I’ve course I’m good in bed!” It was probably because of what I was wearing!!!!

  2. Fun post of French faux pas. Your comments about French language errors point out the dangers of literal translation. Not knowing the “double meaning” can certainly lead to embarrassing moments. There are other parts of Europe where modest dress is expected in churches. When I was Spain, not only were shoulders to be covered, but knees as well.

    1. Thanks so much. I’m sure there are even more things we do wrong without even realizing….in many counties!

  3. Well- at least I know that I won’t make mistake #6 in Paris as they aren’t in my wardrobe- the others, well- entirely possible.

    1. Definitely wouldn’t learn this at Alliance Francaise, but I did learn it at Ecole des Trois Ponts in Roanne, France! Great school.

  4. I’m pretty sure I’ve said “Je suis chaud” so I’ll be careful about that next time! I’ve also been reprimanded for touching the strawberries, and corrected for saying “Ou est le toilette” – “Non, ou est LA toilette!” oops! 🙂

    1. Yikes! Yes, the French are very good at correcting mistakes we make…..which I don’t mind….or maybe I’m just used to it!

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