15 Reasons Why You Should Travel To France More Than Once

Rocherfort-en-terre, France

Why should you travel to France more than once? Easy answer: It’s just incredibly beautiful and there is SO much to see and do that you can’t see everything you want in one trip.  It is the world’s top tourist destination with over 84 million visitors and the country has diverse landscapes where you can see sand dunes, mountains, inviting coastlines, picturesque hilltop villages, sculptured gardens, and volcanoes. The list goes on and on. Continue reading →

Quirkiest, Most Imaginative Site In Nantes:  Les Machines de L’île

Grand Elephant at Les Machines de L’île

To say that Les Machines de L’île in Nantes (Machines Of The Isle Of Nantes) is unusual is an understatement. I had read a few articles about a gigantic elephant that was all mechanical and I had to see it. So when I was planning my trip from Brittany to Provence, the perfect opportunity arose: drive to see this unique Nantes attraction and then take a train to Avignon. So much faster and easier than driving to the south. Continue reading →

36 Hour Stopover In Collioure

Stopover in Collioure: Harbour

A few years ago I was heading from Spain to France. I passed a popular town on the French coast just before I reached Perpignan and always regretted not stopping there. During my last trip, I finally make a stopover in Collioure and am so glad I did. It’s a fishing village on the Mediterranean that is (sorry to use this word but it really does apply) “charming”. But it has more than just “good looks”. Here are some things you might enjoy if you visit (and you should). Continue reading →

Flamingos, Wild Horses and Rediscovering Aigues-Mortes

On the way to Aigues-Mortes

Going back to the great walled fortress of Aigues-Mortes was on my list during my recent trip to the Gard department in the south of France. I hadn’t been there in about 25 years and the trip WOULD have been perfect if I had seen wild Camargue horses and real flamingos. Sadly, it was not to be. I did see (somewhat) wild horses and the medieval town, but I did not see my little pink birds. The closest I got to seeing a flamingo was the sign on a road nearby. But it’s just not the same. C’est dommage (too bad). Continue reading →