Cafe Constant

Cafe Constant Paris, France
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Can I use the excuse that I worked hard in class today? Because right now I need a nap. Just got home from a great lunch at Cafe Constant. It is a classic French bistro.

My eye has been on this restaurant for ages and after class and I walked, and walked, and walked to 137 Rue Saint Dominique to have lunch at one of Christophe Constant’s restaurants. A few doors down from Café Constant is Les Cocottes;  however I wanted to try the main one.

Cafe Constant, Paris France.
Cafe Constant, Paris France. Photo: J. Chung

I had some (I won’t disclose how much) red wine plus the pork cutlets with potato in the most divine jus. Then for dessert I had chocolate profiteroles…..UGH….the waitress brought the heavenly cream puffs filled with ice cream and then poured beautiful chocolate sauce all over the mounds. It was a wonderful lunch. Simple, yet sooo tasty.

Chocolate Profiteroles at Cafe Constant. Paris, France.
Chocolate Profiteroles at Cafe Constant. Paris, France. Photo: J. Chung

That was my day. School and eating. After I rest and do some homework I might venture out again.


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