Is It Wrong To Attend La Course Camarguaise (Provencal Bullfighting)?

Razeteurs and one bull-Cocarde d'Or

I got flack back in July on a social media platform after I shared a photo of an event that I went to in Arles, a popular town in the south of France. The criticism stemmed from the use of bulls in “La Course Camarguaise”—Provencal bullfighting—stating that the spectacle was cruel to the animals.  The event that I went to was the finale of the Arles Festival and this event has been going on for decades. Was it wrong to attend la course camarguaise—-the Cocarde d’Or? You be the judge. Continue reading →

Visit the abandoned railway in Paris? La Petite Ceinture

Abandoned railway La Petite Ceinture (J. Chung)

Take a look at the photo above. Would YOU really want to visit this place? I was NOT impressed and expected so much more when I recently made the trek to the 20th arrondissement in eastern Paris (Trip #30). So many websites (including the Paris tourism board) were touting this interesting place as an oasis of greenery and nature. So I thought, ”Gee, I better check this out. Sounds like a really unique place to write about.” Unfortunately, when I got to La Petite Ceinture, I felt like I’d wasted my time. While I’ve written this post so you won’t waste your time, this only applies to the entrance that I found. There is a “chance” other sections of La Petite Ceinture might be nicer. The search for better areas will have to come another time. Continue reading →

The Funny Side Of France As Told By David Sedaris

Collection of David Sedaris books

If you’ve got a long journey planned while in France, how will you spend your time? Staring out at the landscape? Talking to your travel partner for hours? Reading? You could do something more studious and listen to French language lessons or French radio. Personally I would much rather hear about the funny side of France as told by David Sedaris. And I don’t care if the French think I’m nuts when they see (and hear) me laugh out loud. Continue reading →

Timeless French Icon: The Citroën 2CV

Citroen 2CV in Paris-Citroen 2CV

What comes to mind when you see a baguette? A croissant? Some Bordeaux wine? A beret? Brie cheese? France, of course! There are so many symbols and items that are associated with France and I chose a timeless French icon: the Citroën 2CV to be in my website’s logo. While the car went out of production in 1990, the Citroën 2CV can still be seen all over France and every time I see it, I love France even more. Continue reading →

My City Hunt With Paris In Action

The City of Paris Museum of Modern Art

“You’ve seen one mountain, you’ve seen them all”. This was said by a 14 year old while travelling in the Canadian Rockies. [Disclosure: that was me]. While Paris is full of historic monuments and museums, I can imagine some people (and especially children) saying something similar as they venture through Paris. Fortunately, there is a way to see the “city of lights” in a way that makes the journey much more interesting (and educational)……by doing a city hunt with Paris In Action. Continue reading →

Four National Library of France Sites— 2 Worth Visiting

One of the National Library of France sites: Richelieu Library, Paris (J. Chung)

Sometimes you see a photo on the internet or in a magazine and you decide you HAVE to see that place when you visit the city. This was the case for me and my search to see the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (National Library of France) when I was in Paris recently. I say “search’ because upon arriving at what I THOUGHT was the library, I soon discovered I was at the wrong location. In fact, it turns out there are four National Library of France sites in Paris!  But my visit wasn’t a total waste. I’ll share two sites worth visiting. Continue reading →

“59 Rivoli”—a former squat that provides studios for artists in Paris

59 Rivoli entrance: studios for artists in Paris

When you hear the word, “squatters”, you likely think of people occupying an uninhabited, abandoned building. What you probably would not realize is that there is a “squat” that has become quite famous in the city of Paris. Initially occupied by 3 squatting artists in 1999, six years later the city bought the property at 59 rue de Rivoli,  which is just down the street from the Louvre museum. Since 2009, 59 Rivoli provides studios for artists in Paris—-permanent artists, visiting artists, and performances—-legally. Continue reading →