Travelling With A Camera: What To Bring

Travelling with a camera Olympus OMD EM10-MarkII

[This post has been updated as I have recently sold ALL my Canon DSLR equipment. Why? Read on]

I loved (and still love) my Canon Rebel XSi DSLR camera. I say loved because I recently sold the camera and every single accessory associated with it. It was just too heavy. Picture this in my knapsack:

  • Canon DSLR with 18-55mm lens
  • Canon 18-200mm telephoto zoom lens
  • Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens
  • Extra batteries, filters, lens hood, etc.

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Advice About Luggage and Locks When Travelling

Luggage and Locks When Travelling

What You Need To Know

I can spend hours researching for my next trip and get great satisfaction hunting down the best deal or learning something new about a destination I am considering travelling to about some travel gadget or accessory that will make my life easier or more comfortable. In my “travels” I have also learned some interesting things that most people haven’t tried or don’t know about. In this week’s post I’ve got some helpful insights into luggage (using carry-on and not using packing cubes) and locks that you might not know about. Continue reading →

Travel In 2015 With These Sites & Apps

Lessons Learned From Past Trips

One can spend hours and hours hunting for information and now that I am retired and LOVE researching, I have some very helpful websites and apps for 2015 that can make your travels not only easier and more comfortable, but also cheaper. These sites and apps are not limited to France. In fact, most of them are useful for travelling anywhere in the world. Continue reading →