Augmented Reality At The Relief Map Museum In Paris

Mont Saint-Michel-Augmented Reality At The Relief Map Museum In Paris

For years I’ve been interested in visiting the Relief Map Museum in Paris. Before you say, “BORING!” you should realize that these are 3D maps and during my recent visit I was treated to an extra special feature: augmented reality. I “experienced” Mont Saint-Michel inside and out using a unique headset where I learned about the history and development of the Abbey through visuals and audio narration. Continue reading →

Where To See The Best Bastille Day Fireworks In Normandy

Best Bastille Day fireworks in Normandy- Etretat (J. Chung)

Do you want to see the best Bastille Day fireworks in Normandy? Start planning your trip to Etretat because I don’t think anything can top what I recently saw in this seaside town which is surrounded by some of the most famous falaises (cliffs) in the world.  I looked into other places, but I think my plan for enjoying a lovely dinner and seeing impressive fireworks worked out beautifully. If you’re going to celebrate the most important day for France, do it in Etretat. Continue reading →

Making Sure Your First Airbnb in Normandy Is A Success

My First Airbnb Vacation Rental In Etretat Normandy

I recently enjoyed my first Airbnb in Normandy and I have 3 insights into how you can make sure your stay is a success. I know I lucked out with the house I rented in Etretat. Up until now, I had rented self-catering accommodations via websites like VRBO or through Gites-de-France. But as everyone knows, Airbnbs are becoming so popular so I wanted to try it out.  If you’re heading to Normandy, I would highly recommend you consider renting a place in Etretat.

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Two Of The Best Ways To See The Cliffs At Étretat

Falaise d'Aval Etretat (J. Chung)

To get some spectacular photos of the famous falaises d’Étretat here are two of the best ways to see the cliffs at Étretat: by hiking and by speed boat. This place is truly a photographer’s dream and I actually don’t think you can take a bad photo. For years I had seen pictures of the famous Falaises d’Étretat and thought I’d like to visit one day. That one day came back in July recently and because I was staying in the town for a week, I had the opportunity to gaze at them almost every day. They are just that striking.  Continue reading →