Cité Medievale de Conflans In Albertville

Cite Medievale de Conflans
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I made a mistake the first time I visited Albertville, France. Walked around the quaint town and saw the giant Tour de France t-shirt but discovered afterwards that I had missed one of the best parts of the area. Fortunately, I was going through the town on my way to Chamonix, so I made a stop and so glad I did. This is an experience I would have regretted missing: seeing the Cité Medievale de Conflans.

What Is The Cité Medievale de Conflans and Why Visit?Cite Medievale de Conflans

Cite Medievale de Conflans
Cite Medievale de Conflans
  • It’s a medieval village in Albertville, across the river and high on a hill
  • It’s small, with only about 6 cobblestone streets
  • There are some restaurants, artisan shops, and a baroque church, but what is notable are the views, particularly from the courtyard. When I was there (early in the morning), most places were closed
  • Why visit? The views and seeing all the storefront signs—these made the village so attractive

Getting To The Village

Entrance to Cite Medievale de Conflans
Entrance to Cite Medievale de Conflans

Follow the road from the river up the hill. There is a car park where you can begin your journey, a steep walk up a couple of flights of stairs until you get into the actual medieval village. Only locals can park in the village.







You can get some great views from the Jardin Public de la Tour Sarrazine.

Cite Medievale de Conflans
Cite Medievale de Conflans
Cite Medievale de Conflans
Jardin Public de la Tour Sarrazine
Jardin Public de la Tour Sarrazine Cite Medievale de Conflans
View from Jardin Public de la Tour Sarrazine

So, if you’re on your way to Chamonix or Annecy, make a short stop near Albertville to visit the the Cité Medievale de Conflans.

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    1. If it hadn’t been someone telling me about it, I would have totally missed it. Am glad I went back, even though it was deserted at 9 am in the morning.

  1. I prefer visiting tourist areas early morning or later afternoon when most visitors have taken the last bus and you get all the amazing views and street scenes to yourself – a good thing especially for photographers

    1. So true. You get great photos, but unfortunately, sometimes the shops or sites haven’t opened yet or are closed. But sometimes it’s worth it.

  2. Was a winter Olympics held in Albertville or am I misrembering? Medieval European villages were often built at altitude for defensive purposes (so they could at least see who was coming); hence, the often splendid views.

    1. You are correct! 1992 was the year. As for medieval villages, maybe that’s why I like them so much…for the views!

  3. I love medieval villages and Albertville looks like one not to miss when visiting the area. Wandering the carless streets and taking in all that history can transport you back to another time so quickly. And the views….the icing on the cake!

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