A Delicious Wine Bar In Paris: 5e Cru


When you think of France, you likely think of wine. And when you’re in France, do what the French do: drink wine. Sure, you could have dinner with wine or visit a wine bar (“Bar à Vins”). But most likely you’d just get your glass of wine and maybe with some nuts on the side. A more interesting thing to do is go to “Un Cave à Manger” or “Cave à Vin”. Think of it as a place to have a little wine plus some small plates of food, charcuterie, and cheese. I went to such a place on the left bank and it is now one of my favourite places in Paris to drink and to eat: 5e Cru. Continue reading →

Run Drink Eat Run To Le Baron Rouge

Le Baron Rouge oysters

For those who follow my blog, you probably know that I love to run when I am travelling in France. I also love wine. So, I decided to combine the two when I was recently in Paris. I had heard about a great wine bar called, “Le Baron Rouge”. It is located just east of the Bastille and one Sunday morning I decided I wanted to visit this place.  But, I also wanted to get a short run in. What would I do? Have you heard of the movie, “Run, Lola, Run”? This is my version: “Run Drink Eat Run To Le Baron Rouge”. It’s a unique experience I think everyone should try. Let me explain. Continue reading →