You Might Have These Encounters In Nice and Mittelbergheim, France

Encounters in France;
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When unique things happen on trips they make you forever remember the area or town. This was certainly the case with the Alsace and Cote d’Azur a number of years ago. I had two odd encounters that have made for great memories. Have you ever had encounters like these in France?

Mittelbergheim: Fête du Vin and…..

Enounters in France: Area near Mittelbergheim
Area near Mittelbergheim, France

The Alsace is in the north eastern region of France and known to have a strong German influence; hence, schnitzel, choucroute (sauerkraut), and pain d’épices  (gingerbread). This area has charming towns with houses that look like gingerbread houses and wines that are quite popular: Gewürztraminer and Riesling. The region actually has a wine route worth exploring (Route des Vins d’Alsace).

My friend Laurie and I had rented a house and did day excursions in the area. We had a lovely day out touring Mittelbergheim and attended the Fête du Vin, which of course had wine tasting but also musical performances and dancing.  Mittelbergheim has the designation of being one of the most beautiful villages in France. 

Encounter in Mittelbergheim, France
Fete du Vin in Mittelbergheim, France

One day when we were exploring a new town, we had some garbage that needed disposing. So, Laurie opened up a garbage bin on one of the streets and proceeded to get rid of her bag of garbage. All of a sudden a man appeared from a second floor window above and started yelling at her, very quickly, in French of course. He was basically saying, “Keep your garbage to yourself!”

Nice: The Beaches, Promenade des Anglais, and….

Encounters: beach in Nice, France
Beach in Nice, France

If you’ve been to Nice, in the Côte d’Azur, there are some wonderful sites to see such as the old town (Vielle Ville), and castle hill which has great views of the Baie des Anges and city. Also prominent is the Promenade des Anglais, the stretch of land that faces the water. Cars, cyclists and roller bladers, pedestrians, and sun bathers frequent this area. Sadly, the Promenade is most recently known for the attack on Bastille Day in 2016 where 86 people died.

When a friend and I were in Nice many years ago, we rented umbrellas and sun chairs to sunbathe for the day. It was our last day before heading back to Paris so we thought we’d just relax and lie on the beach.

As we lay on our chairs we started noticing something strange going on. No, not topless sunbathers. A young women would walk the length of our section of beach in a fancy bathing suit or loungewear. At first we thought she was simply a guest looking for a sun chair.


A few minutes later the same women returned in a different outfit and she proceeded to walk around the beachfront. This went on for at least half an hour.



We finally figured out she was a model/sales lady showing the latest beachwear fashions and was basically putting on a fashion show for the public. She would walk around, doing her circuit with her next outfit on her arm. She says nothing and has no tags attached to the clothes. Bizarre but certainly a memorable experience!

So, what town in France is really memorable for you? Is it because of something bizarre that happened?

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  1. All the quirkiness of France just makes me love it more. I know you feel the same Jan. I absolutely love the Alsace region – French and German food and wine? That’s heaven for me.

    1. Me too! I would love to return to the Alsace—love the gingerbread, choucroute, and Alsatian wines, of course.

  2. I love the garbage anecdote. It made me remember that when we rented an apartment in Bologna, the landlord had to give us a map to get to the public receptacle many blocks away. It was so far and out of the way to get to with overflowing bags of garbage that we made every effort to severely limit our production.

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