France To Switzerland (Part 2): Vevey And Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin's World in Vevey, Switzerland
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This week is Part 2 of my journey into Switzerland (Part 1 was Montreux)  and I’ll be sharing 2 sites worth exploring.  Vevey is on the north shore of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) and I enjoyed walking around the old town and walking along the boardwalk to see Chateau de l’Aile (1800s).


Vevey, Switzerland
Art IN Lake Geneva. Vevey, Switzerland

Although Vevey’s boardwalk does not have as much art along the shores, it does have one interesting piece of “art” IN the lake. Yes, IN the lake!  And there are chairs attached to the rocks too. The pictures speak for themselves.

Vevey Switzerland Boardwalk
Vevey Switzerland Boardwalk
Vevey Switzerland Boardwalk
Vevey Switzerland Boardwalk
Charlie Chaplin sculpture on the Vevey boardwalk
Charlie Chaplin sculpture on the Vevey boardwalk

Finally, there is also a popular statue of Charlie Chaplin on the boardwalk and this is significant because Chaplin’s World is located just north of the town.

Chaplin’s World By Grevin

Chaplin's World The Studio in Vevey Switzerland
Chaplin’s World The Studio

While Vevey may be known as the headquarters of Nestlé, it is also home to Chaplin’s World,which is dedicated to the life and career of the multitalented actor, film maker, and composer, Charlie Chaplin.  Swiss architect, Philippe Meylan and Canadian museographer, Yves Durand spent 15 years creating this museum which is located in Corsier Sur Vevey, just on the outskirts of Vevey. Sir Charles “Charlie” Chaplin came to fame during the silent era of movie making and settled in Switzerland in the 1940s.

There are three key places to visit, The Studio, The Manoir, and The Park.

The Studio

Chaplin's World in Vevey Switzerland
Chaplin’s World: The Studio

The Studio is basically a sound stage and each “set” is devoted to a film or films that Chaplin was in such as “Modern Times” and “The Great Dictator”.

Grevin, the famous wax museum company, created more than 30 wax figures including Charlie Chaplin characters, political figures Gandhi and Churchill, and artists such as Michael Jackson and Sophia Loren. Everything is extremely well done.

The Manoir

Chaplin's World: The Mansion Vevey Switzerland
Chaplin’s World: The Mansion

The Manoir is the home where Chaplin lived for 25 years with his wife Oona and their eight children.  Photos, furnishings, and Chaplin’s personal belongings are showcased throughout this beautiful mansion.

The Park

Chaplin's World The Park Vevey Switzerland
Chaplin’s World: The Park

There’s a circular path that goes around the estate and there are nice views of Lake Geneva and the mansion.

Chaplin’s World:

Entrance: CHF 23.00 and CHF 4.00 parking

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  1. I love that fork in the lake! I spent a few days in Evian on Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) and it is truly a beautiful place. Perhaps the fork signifies the delicious fera sourced from the lake!

  2. Your post has gotten me very excited, Jan! I’m heading to Vevey later this month for chocolate research. Excited! I’ll now go over and check out your post on Montreaux, as I’ll be going there, too.

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