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Posts on a map
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I’ve created a map with (almost) all the villages, towns, and cities that I have visited in France (and just outside of France) with links to the related posts. So if you’re looking to visit a certain area of France and want some ideas on what to do or see, check out the map. I have more than 200 posts and locations identified on the map.

Finding Places And Posts On The Map


You can zoom in and click on any place on the map and a box will pop up. It will show you the following:

  • the name of the town or city
  • the title of the past post
  • in the description: there will be a link to that post
Place and post on a map
Place and post on a map

What’s great about this map is that you can also get directions to the place you are interested in. For example, let’s say you want to go from Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport to Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley, just click the red arrow beside “Chateau de Chenonceau” and voilà, Google Maps appears for you to get directions. {Note: this might only work when you are using a desktop computer. Can’t seem to make it work on a smartphone or tablet].

As more posts are added, I will also keep this map updated with more towns and experiences for you to discover. Bon voyage!

Don’t worry about bookmarking this page. Anytime you come to the FranceTravelTips website, you can find the map in the menu—under “Trip Planning”–Travel Map Of My Blog Posts.

Blog posts on a map
Blog Posts On A Map
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  1. Wow Janice – what a great idea! I had fun playing around with your map and reading your captions. I imagine this was a labor of love as well as a wonderful trip down memory lane as you revisited some of your favorite places. Your hard work will come in handy for us when we finally take the plunge and explore your favorite country!

    1. As much as it took a long time to do, it was kind of fun creating it. Love how you can search and even get directions!

  2. What a wonderful way to track all the places in France you’ve visited and for readers to locate the posts. Definitely bookmarking this page.

  3. I just love this idea Jan! This truly is a labor of love. What a wonderful and helpful guidebook of France (with directions) you’ve created.

    1. Thank you! Once it was done I really liked all it could do. Hopefully others will enjoy using it.

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