French Immersion at Accent Francais (Montpellier)

Montpellier France
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Started my French immersion lessons at Accent Francais this morning. Before coming to France I did the online-test and this morning I did my one-on-one oral test. What a way to wake yourself up in the morning! I was then placed in a level-appropriate class with 8 other students. My classmates were from the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland, Africa and…..Canada. And not only was the Canadian from Toronto, but it turns out we went to the same public school!

I was told that last week Montpellier had a ton of rain, so bad that the trams had a difficult time running. Unfortunately, rain is forecast on and off the rest of the week. Am glad I got lots of sunshine Friday to today.  The sun is just coming out now (2:30) so all is not lost.

Some were here for a week, some were here for months but we were all at the same level and spent the next 3.5 hours getting acquainted and corrected on our grammar. We also watched a video called, “Elle me dit” by British singer-songwriter Mika (see below) and not only discussed the lyrics, but also transposed what was being said into the indirect. Basically about a mother nagging her son.  It has a catchy tune and is funny.  Overall, I was impressed by the organization and teaching methods of the teachers (we had 2 this morning) and my brain is certainly getting a work out.


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