How Do You Know Where To Travel? Listen To Your Gut.

Where to travel? Trust your gut
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I sometimes wonder if I need a brick to hit my head before I realize something fully and regret that I didn’t notice the signs or trust my gut feeling. Often this relates to life, such as:

  • buying a pair of shoes that are “snug” but cute, and then soon realize they hurt too much to wear?
  • eating too many chips and feel gross afterwards?
  • drinking too much wine before going to bed only to “pay” for it during the night and the next day?
  • taking a new job because it’s an increase in pay or status, rationalizing that your new boss may be gruff but you’ll get used to him; then soon after you realize his personality is just too much to handle?

Gut Feeling About Travelling

For me, more often than not, it relates to travelling where I don’t listen to the little voice in my head, or my “gut feeling”.

So often people will say, “Why don’t you travel somewhere else [other than France] ?” I see the frowns on their faces and hear their disapproving voices. I then set about to search for a trip to somewhere other than France.

Have you been swayed by others to pursue something that deep down just didn’t feel right about?

Warning Signs

I don’t have all the answers as to how to stay true to what you really want, but I am discovering some signs. Perhaps you have encountered these warning signs when you are trying to decide where to travel:

Sign #1: Avoidance and Indecision :

I start to do intensive research on all the places I could travel to OTHER THAN France. This happened recently. I wanted to go somewhere in January and asked friends for advice and searched the internet, “Where to travel in January”. I spent weeks and weeks doing research, which I enjoy, but there’s a point where it became a pain. It wasn’t fun doing the research.

Sign: #2: Choices were not fitting into my plan

During my research, I wasn’t able to find the “ideal place”, particularly in January when the weather is crappy in most of the world. I realize Thailand and Australia have good weather, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money as I might want to go somewhere big next summer.

Sign #3: Not totally committing to the decision

I finally made a decision to go to Portugal. I booked my accommodation for January, but kept holding off on booking the flight. Price? No. Prices were pretty good. Weather? Not perfect, but not too bad. Better than -15 in Toronto.

Sign #4: Excuses NOT to go with my initial decision

Portugal hotels cancelled gut
Portugal hotels cancelled

During this process I kept thinking about France; Paris in particular. I have been in Paris in January in the past and the weather was about 11 degrees Celsius and sunny. It was actually a beautiful time to go. It was like I was looking for reasons to go to France. So, I cancelled my plans to go to Portugal.

Sign #5: Changed my decision and felt relief and happiness

Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum Paris, France gut
Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum Paris, France

So even though I know the weather is cold and rainy in January, I decided to add a couple of nights in London, take the Eurostar over to France and stay in Paris just over a week. Once that decision was made, I was excited! It will be my second time to London in 34 years and I have always wanted to take the chunnel to France.

This is not to say that I will ONLY go to France. I am looking at Charleston and French Polynesia later in 2016; however, I have realized that when I try to fit a square peg (non-France destination) into a round hole, there are warning signs and I need to remember to listen to my gut feeling.

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  1. Finally made it to Lisbon this year after a lot of European travel. It’s my new favourite city and hope you reconsider at some point. Looking forward to exploring more Portugal in the near future. Of course London, Eurostar, and Paris make for an awesome January getaway!

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