I’ll Have What He’s Having: One Sip At A Time In Provence

“One Sip At A Time: Learning To Live In Provence” by Keith Van Sickle

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Remember the movie, “When Harry Met Sally” and the infamous scene in the deli with Meg Ryan ? Well, to paraphrase a line from this movie, all I can say is:

“I’ll have what he’s having” and “I want to do what he’s doing!”

Who’s the “he”? He is American Keith Van Sickle, who recently published his memoir called, “One Sip At A Time: Learning To Live In Provence”.  After reading it, I want to move to Provence…..NOW.    Continue reading →

4 Lessons Learned The Hard Way In France

4 Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Thank goodness time heals because I can now look back on a couple of mistakes I have made and laugh. They certainly weren’t funny at the time and they were lessons I had to learn the hard way but as a result, I’ll never make those mistakes again.  Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and won’t encounter them when you travel to France. Continue reading →

Travel For Your Well-being

There are many people who don’t travel. Some cannot afford to travel. Some are perfectly content to stay at home and just do their “staycations”. I’m not about to judge anyone for their decision, just like I hope others don’t judge me when I travel to France again and again.

“À chacun son goût” = “To each his own”.

So why travel to France….or anywhere in the world? Travel for your well-being. Continue reading →