How To Do A Road Trip In France Covering Two Regions

Road trip in France

You’ve decided to visit France but there are so many interesting regions that you don’t know which to visit and how many to visit.  Once you decide on a few areas, you discover they are incredibly far apart. How do you create a realistic itinerary for your road trip in France that won’t exhaust you? This post will share my answers to these dilemmas as I actually dealt with these questions for the trip I am now on. I spent months agonizing over regions and how to do the perfect road trip in France. Once it’s over, I guess we’ll see how close to perfect it was. Continue reading →

Paris Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Saving Money In Paris

According to US News, Paris is the 12th most expensive city to visit with the average hotel price of $190 (US). Here’s the good news: in 2009 it ranked number 9, so it’s cheaper to visit than ever. Thanks to the strong dollar against the Euro, it isn’t a steal, but it is easier to travel there and there are ways to “do” Paris without breaking the bank. Paris doesn’t have to be expensive and I thought I would share with you some tips that I use: Continue reading →