Paris Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Saving Money In Paris

According to US News, Paris is the 12th most expensive city to visit with the average hotel price of $190 (US). Here’s the good news: in 2009 it ranked number 9, so it’s cheaper to visit than ever. Thanks to the strong dollar against the Euro, it isn’t a steal, but it is easier to travel there and there are ways to “do” Paris without breaking the bank. Paris doesn’t have to be expensive and I thought I would share with you some tips that I use: Continue reading →

Museums In Paris

Louvre Museum Paris France

There are about 250 museums in Paris with the Musee du Louvre being the most famous. Add to this the historical monuments and art galleries and you can see why tourists keep returning to Paris. There is so much to see!

So how do you decide what to see? Here are some of my favourites and why they are my favourite, followed by some information on how to see them for free.  [Next week I’ll cover the Paris Museum Pass}. Continue reading →