My Interview On The Join Us In France Podcast

Join Us In France
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Recently, I had the great honour to be interviewed on the travel podcast, “Join Us In France”.

Each week  Annie presents areas in France that travellers might consider visiting. She also covers travel tips and advice on preparing one’s vacation in France. The tagline is: “Sharing the best of France” and they certainly have opened my eyes to new regions, cities, and experiences. More reason to keep returning!

My interview with Annie was a complete delight and listeners will not only find out about some unique things to experience, but also learn a bit more about my obsession with France and how it all came to be. Perhaps after listening you’ll be obsessed too.



You can listen to the podcast in one of three ways:

  1. Listen to it in this mp3 file: Join Us Interview
  2. Go to iTunes and searching for “Join Us In France” or,
  3. Go to their website, “Join Us In France” and play the episode from there.

I hope you will check out the podcast and hope you’ll find it enjoyable.

À bientot!



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