Sound and Light Shows In Paris and Provence That You Must See

Les Carrieres de Lumieres, Les Baux (featured img)-Sound and Light Shows In Paris and Provence

It’s one thing to go to a museum and look at a famous work of art and be impressed. It’s another thing to see art immersed in sound and light shows in Paris and Provence. In this case, at Atelier des Lumières and Carrières de Lumières, you’ll be blown away. Imagine popular works of art projected onto gigantic walls and choreographed to classical and modern music. Here you have digital art exhibitions for the 21st century. This is what they’re all about and why you must visit them: Continue reading →

The Dress. The Sweater. The Argument In French.

The sweater and my argument in French

The French are sometimes unfairly accused of being stubborn, unfriendly, or difficult to deal with. And they love to debate. I can see this if you enter a store and do not say, “Bonjour”. You might not get any response and could even be treated with rudeness. Customs should be followed, no matter what country you are in. I get this and try not only to speak French all the time but also act politely and proper so that I don’t come across like that “obnoxious” tourist. During all my travels to France, I have never had a bad encounter with a native French person. That is, until a few years ago in Paris. I was put to the test and had a lovely argument in French. Continue reading →

France Travel Tips Experiences On “Touring Bird”—Google’s New Travel Tool

Touring Bird website

One of Google’s experimental workshops, simply named “Area 120”, has recently launched a new travel tool and Paris is one of the 20 top travel destinations to be featured in the initial launch. This travel tool, however, has a twist. It’s not all about booking tours. There are lots of recommendations from locals and experts and one additional benefit that I’ll discuss later in this post. I am happy to announce that after almost 10 months of collaborating with Google, you can now find many of my France Travel Tips experiences on “Touring Bird”. Here’s what it’s about and how you can benefit.

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Is It Wrong To Attend La Course Camarguaise (Provencal Bullfighting)?

Razeteurs and one bull-Cocarde d'Or

I got flack back in July on a social media platform after I shared a photo of an event that I went to in Arles, a popular town in the south of France. The criticism stemmed from the use of bulls in “La Course Camarguaise”—Provencal bullfighting—stating that the spectacle was cruel to the animals.  The event that I went to was the finale of the Arles Festival and this event has been going on for decades. Was it wrong to attend la course camarguaise—-the Cocarde d’Or? You be the judge. Continue reading →

Lunch with a view of Etretat: Dormy House

Dormy House Restaurant with reasonably-priced lunch with panoramic views of Etretat

When I first arrived in the seaside town of Etretat at my Airbnb, my hostess pointed out a hotel that had exceptional views of the cliffs and the village. She said having lunch or dinner, or even having a drink at the Hotel-Restaurant Dormy House (just around the corner from my house) would be worthwhile. As I wanted to have a meal with views of Etretat, this sounded like the place to go, especially at lunchtime when it would be a bit less expensive. Even though I did not have reservations, I got a table outside, overlooking the sea and town.  Everything was perfect as it was a reasonably priced lunch with a view of Etretat. Continue reading →

Your Guide To Using Lavender and Lavandin Oil

Lavender at the Abbey de Senanque (J. Chung)

When you are in Provence during the lavender season (late June to early August) not all those purple fields may be lavender. There is another plant called lavandin that is a cross between lavender and other species. It is basically a hybrid. When I was in Provence recently, I purchased three small bottles of lavender oil. I plan to give these as gifts to friends or family members. Do they know there’s a difference between lavender and lavandin oil? Will they even know what to do with their gift? Hopefully, after reading this, they will. Continue reading →