A House In Provence: La Bastide des Chênes

Town of Gordes which is enroute to my house in Provence: La Bastide des Chenes

Sorry to break the news to you, but sometimes you can’t have everything you want when you are choosing to rent a house in Provence (even if you go over your budget). But if somehow you could come close to getting what you want, wouldn’t that be perfect? What I hope is that this post will give you some things to look for (likes and dislikes)  as you do your research on where to stay in Provence, because I think during one’s lifetime, everyone should stay in Provence, and more specifically, in the Luberon….. for at least a week! Continue reading →

My Big Mistake: Missing Some Of Lyon’s Traboules and Fresques

Lyon's Traboules and Wall Murals are everywhere. Here is the Fresque de Lyonnais (J. Chung)

I recently made a big mistake during my recent trip to France: I missed seeing some of Lyon’s traboules and fresques. And there are many. Lyon has so many hidden passageways (traboules) and wall murals (called fresques or frescoes) that I guess I’m going to have to return. I did, however, see many interesting things like the Lumière Museum, a museum dedicated to the Lumière brothers who brought us cinematography and the Resistance and Deportation Museum in honour of those who fought the resistance against the Nazis and the Jews who were deported to the death camps during WWII. Continue reading →

Celebrating Cinema At The Lumière Museum In Lyon

Poster at the Lumière Museum In Lyon

When I was a child, my parents took our family to Rochester, New York to visit the Kodak Museum (called the George Eastman Museum).  If there was ONE thing that I remember, it was this round cylindrical device that showed moving images. (I’m positive I saw it there!) It was called a Zoetrope and it was invented before “film animation” was created. Since then I have always been intrigued with movie-making, so when I was in France recently, I was able to discover more about the history of cinema at the Lumière Museum in Lyon. Continue reading →

Some Interesting Backstories To Restaurant Le Petit Choiseul

There are around 40,000 restaurants in Paris. 40,000! There are great ones, horrible ones, and some that you’ll never forget. Why will I always remember this little bistro on the right bank that I just happened to come upon?  Certainly the food and wine were perfect. And the service was attentive and friendly. But there were a few interesting backstories to restaurant Le Petit Choiseul that had me. Continue reading →