Visiting Some Of The “Plus Beaux Villages de France” In Provence

Les Plus Beaux Villages Provence

France has 156 villages which are deemed “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France” (The Most Beautiful Villages of France). Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur has 10 of them and in the Vaucluse there are 7.   To qualify for this distinction, the village must be rural in size and have not have more than 2000 inhabitants.  One of the criteria is that is must have 2 protected sites or monuments. So when in Provence, check out these most beautiful villages! Continue reading →

Living the Life In Provence: Markets and More

Provence markets

 “City Girl Meets The Country”

I  am staying in a gite which is located outside of the town of Murs which is in the heart of Provence.  The owner had to meet me in town to escort me to the gite which is literally in the countryside. Rooster greets me daily at 4:30 pm. Lizard scurries around waiting for me to sit on the terrace and have some rose wine. Snail affixes itself to the glass of the french door. And the boar hides from me after grazing on the owner’s lawn. [Note: yes, staying in a town is an option] Continue reading →

A Superb Provencale Meal Usually Only Locals Taste

Provencale meal

I know I haven’t even written about what I’ve done in Provence for the past week and a half. That’s coming. I have to tell you about this meal I had. Hence the additional post this week.

The owner of the gite I am staying at told me about a restaurant nearby that I should really visit. It is called L’Auberge Paysanne and it is located off the Route de Cavaillon, between Coustellet and Robion, before you get to the river Le Coulon. I THINK it was on the D2 road, but not sure. I can’t even believe I found it but it was worth the journey. Continue reading →

Short Excursion to Spain

Excursion to Spain from France

The lovely thing about France is that it is surrounded by a number of Western European countries, including Spain, which is where I have spent the past week, first in Barcelona and then in Lloret de Mar, attending the awesome TBEX conference. As mentioned in my last post, Barcelona is just a quick train ride from Paris and while some might not be admirers of the architecture by Antoni Gaudi, one cannot dismiss the impact his style has had on the city. It has taken me years to visit this city and I am glad I made the side-trip.

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