Wine and Cookies

Accent Francais Montpellier France

I am having fun at Accent Francais. Lots of laughing and activities to keep us engaged. Am so happy I have progressed since my last evaluation back in Canada where I was at level A2.6. Am now at B1.1!!

Here’s one things we did today. (No, did NOT drink in class.)

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French Immersion at Accent Francais (Montpellier)

Montpellier France

Started my French immersion lessons at Accent Francais this morning. Before coming to France I did the online-test and this morning I did my one-on-one oral test. What a way to wake yourself up in the morning! I was then placed in a level-appropriate class with 8 other students. My classmates were from the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland, Africa and…..Canada. And not only was the Canadian from Toronto, but it turns out we went to the same public school! Continue reading →

Where’s Jan In France?

Past Trips Itineraries To France

Yes, this is my 23rd time to France. But I still have not seen every corner of the country. Maybe that’s why I keep going back. Each time I see a new place and of course, I return to Paris, my favourite place in the world. This time it’s off to Montpellier and Paris.

Above is a map showing some of the places I have travelled to in France.