First Trip To France: Paris Tips

First Trip To France: Paris Tips

My niece Stephanie and her husband, Kyle, are going to be visiting France in April. This is her first trip to France and last weekend, she was peppering me with questions about Paris.  So, here is my letter to my niece and anyone taking their first trip to Paris. I’ve tried to offer to some tips for an enjoyable trip.

Dear Stephanie:
FINALLY! You are going to France! Continue reading →

What It’s Like To Take A Bicycle Trip In France

Bicycle Trip In France

I have been fortunate to have taken two bicycle trips in France. One took place in August 2002 in the Dordogne and Bordeaux and then in July 2006 in Burgundy with my friend Judy. Both trips were with the British company, “The Chain Gang Cycle Tours” and included breakfast, hotel room, dinner, bikes, and visits to wineries. Each day we did approximately 50 km on relatively flat terrain…. but not always. The most I rode on one day was 69 km. Continue reading →

Trip To Quebec City’s Winter Carnival–Almost France

Quebec City's Winter Carnival

Can’t make it to France in January or February? Then head to Quebec City in the province of Quebec in Canada and get immersed in Quebecois culture and the fun of Quebec City’s Winter Carnival, which takes place every year for three weeks in January and February. This year’s event takes place January 30-February 15. I hopped on a plane and in just over an hour arrived in Quebec City for a long weekend stay. I got a taste of France without travelling overseas. Continue reading →

Save Money When Travelling: Hotels, Cars, and Trains

Save Money When Travelling

I Love To Find The Best Deals And Save Money

While planning my next trip to France, Spain, and Italy, I searched the web for the best prices on accomodations and transportation. I wanted to save money as this is going to be a one month trip! I was quite surprised with the big difference in prices, especially with car rentals. While I am sure I have not discovered all the best websites, here’s what I have found: Continue reading →