Not Always Easy Learning A New Language

Vin Esprit Montpellier France

Learning a new foreign language is not always easy and today was t tough one for me. I realized that my ability to read and write French is so much better than my ability to understand. When my classmates have Dutch, African, or German accents, I sometimes sit there and don’t understand a word what they have said. Sad when I can’t even understand the instructor. I won’t even go into what happened today, but suffice to say I got through the morning. Continue reading →

Wine and Cookies

Accent Francais Montpellier France

I am having fun at Accent Francais. Lots of laughing and activities to keep us engaged. Am so happy I have progressed since my last evaluation back in Canada where I was at level A2.6. Am now at B1.1!!

Here’s one things we did today. (No, did NOT drink in class.)

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