Discovering New Places In Paris

New places in Paris

[Update: Sadly, the La Jeune Rue project has run into problems and is not being pursued any longer due to accusations of mismanagement.]

I still haven’t seen everything in Paris and likely never will…which is perhaps why I keep returning. A number of places in this list which I visited over the past few days are new for me. I had visited Canal Saint-Martin years ago, but never fully appreciated what it was like as I hadn’t gone far enough north. This time I covered the entire canal. And while Montmartre was packed with tourists, I did enjoy a new street leading there: Rue des Martrys–sophisticated and quiet. Civilized.

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So Many Loire Valley Chateaux To See In A Week

Chateau de Chenonceau-some truly unique Chateaux

For the first week of my trip, my firend Judy joined me in visiting 11 chateaux in the Loire. When (not if) you go to France, the Loire should be on your list of “must-sees”. The architecture is stunning and each chateau is unique in its own way whether it be the landscaping, the gardens, the interior design, or the architecture. On this trip (Judy’s first and my fifth to the Loire), we visited:
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Alternatives To Walking In Paris Or Any City

Alternatives To Walking In Paris

Alternatives To Walking In Paris.  Whaaat? Don’t walk in Paris?

Let me explain.

20 Km de Paris, France alternatives to walking

In October 2014 I was in France for two weeks: one week in Montpellier and one week in Paris, where I ran the “20 km de Paris” race. During my time away, I walked much more than usual….2-8 hours a day. My feet were not used to this and as a result, upon my return home I got a stress fracture in my foot and for the past 5 months I have not run at all until recently.

So, how will I deal with France (and Spain and Italy) in a few weeks when I go back? How can one NOT walk, and walk, and walk in Paris or in any city on your holidays yet still see all the amazing sites?

Guess I will take a lot of “café” breaks; however, I do have a few alternatives to walking in Paris for other travellers who do not like to (or can’t) walk a lot. Here are my suggestions: Continue reading →

Travelling With A Camera: What To Bring

Travelling with a camera Olympus OMD EM10-MarkII

[This post has been updated as I have recently sold ALL my Canon DSLR equipment. Why? Read on]

I loved (and still love) my Canon Rebel XSi DSLR camera. I say loved because I recently sold the camera and every single accessory associated with it. It was just too heavy. Picture this in my knapsack:

  • Canon DSLR with 18-55mm lens
  • Canon 18-200mm telephoto zoom lens
  • Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens
  • Extra batteries, filters, lens hood, etc.

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