Save Money When Travelling: Hotels, Cars, and Trains

Save Money When Travelling

I Love To Find The Best Deals And Save Money

While planning my next trip to France, Spain, and Italy, I searched the web for the best prices on accomodations and transportation. I wanted to save money as this is going to be a one month trip! I was quite surprised with the big difference in prices, especially with car rentals. While I am sure I have not discovered all the best websites, here’s what I have found: Continue reading →

Advice About Luggage and Locks When Travelling

Luggage and Locks When Travelling

What You Need To Know

I can spend hours researching for my next trip and get great satisfaction hunting down the best deal or learning something new about a destination I am considering travelling to about some travel gadget or accessory that will make my life easier or more comfortable. In my “travels” I have also learned some interesting things that most people haven’t tried or don’t know about. In this week’s post I’ve got some helpful insights into luggage (using carry-on and not using packing cubes) and locks that you might not know about. Continue reading →

Lessons Learned From Past Trips

Lessons Learned From Past Trips

As an aside before I get into this week’s post:

In the last few days the news of the horrific terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo and in Paris have been on everyone’s mind, especially those who are planning to travel to France. The people in France have rallied together to denounce this with “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) and vigils at Place de la Republique. So is France safe? I have always thought it was and I still think it is. The attacks were not on tourists and this video shows the solidarity amongst the French as they mark a moment of silence. It is very moving. Je Suis Charlie.

This week’s post will be a bit shorter but still, with helpful information and tips. Continue reading →

Travel In 2015 With These Sites & Apps

Lessons Learned From Past Trips

One can spend hours and hours hunting for information and now that I am retired and LOVE researching, I have some very helpful websites and apps for 2015 that can make your travels not only easier and more comfortable, but also cheaper. These sites and apps are not limited to France. In fact, most of them are useful for travelling anywhere in the world. Continue reading →

Falling In Love…With France

Falling In Love...With France

I am often asked why I love France so much. I think I fell in love with the culture, the food and the sites well before my first trip. It was the movies that enraptured me. Take a look at some of these short clips (one TV ad with Catherine Deneuve is fabulous) and you may be hypnotized too. (Note: be sure to turn OFF the mute button so you can hear the soundtrack). Continue reading →