Staying Safe In Paris, or How I Almost Got Killed In Paris!

Staying safe in Paris
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A few years ago, a stranger saved my life. Hopefully you will never encounter what I did. Here’s a little anecdote on how to stay safe in Paris.

Boulevard Saint-Michel Paris, France
Boulevard Saint-Michel Paris, France

Safe In Paris?

Safe on Blvd Saint-Michel Paris, France
Blvd Saint-Michel just south of Seine. Photo: J. Chung

On the left bank of Paris there is a famous street: Boulevard Saint-Michel. It is a rather wide boulevard with lovely trees, stores, cafes and restaurants on both sides. There are also at least 3 lanes running one way, from the south, heading north. The intersection with Boulevard Saint-Germaine, just south of the Seine River, is a busy area with a major metro/RER station and a little park which is great for a quick lunch.

On lovely summer day I was ready to j-walk from one side of the street to the other. I know, right away you are thinking: j-walking isn’t safe. Keep reading.

I was on the west side and was heading east across the street so I looked right to see what cars would be coming from the south. Nothing was coming. It was a one-way street.  So I started to step off the curb. Suddenly someone from behind grabbed me….and thank goodness they did because a bus was coming from the north, heading in the opposite direction of the rest of the traffic. I thought this was a one way street!!! I almost got hit…and killed. Take a closer look at the photo above.

I thought there were no lanes for vehicles travelling southbound. Was I ever wrong! Yes, on this particular street there are special lanes for busses allowing them to go in the opposite direction. I swear!

So, morale of the story: just as all mothers say, “look both ways when crossing a street.” And better yet, cross at the lights and you will be safe in Paris.

I love Paris, but really didn’t want to die there.



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