April 17: Lose Weight With The Paris Marathon; Gain Weight in Riorges

I am in heaven…and hell (well, not really). I have now arrived in Riorges at the Ecoles des Trois Ponts language/cooking school and this is what I ate (and likely began to gain weight as a result):

  • aperatif (rose wine)
  • vegetable soup (fresh veggies!)
  • port in some sauce
  • gratin dauphinoise (potatoes au gratin)
  • 4 cheeses
  • pineapple upside down cake
  • red and white wine

I am SOOO full I could burst. This is only the first night. The only reason I didn’t gain weight last October was because I got sick in Morocco. Tomorrow, I have to run. At dinner I met the other students—from Australia, the US, England, and Switzerland. They seem even nicer than the group I met in October. The best part: I think I have improved my French, or at the very least I feel much more confident. And it’s not the wine that’s making it easier.

Granted, I forgot to tell you what I did today. I departed from my chateau hotel and proceeded to a wine tasting in Montlouis. Before 11:30 am I had tried enough wines to equal probably 3 glasses. I bought 1 bottle in Amboise and 1 bottle in Montlouis and I have no idea how I am going to get these home as I have NO room in my luggage.

I then proceeded to see two more chateaux, both closed at lunch time. (Aren’t the French civil? No work from 12:00-2:00.) I was, however, able to get pictures of the chateaux—Chateau de Nitray and Chateau Montpoupon.

Chateau Montpoupon France

Chateau Montpoupon

Chateau de Nitray France

Chateau de Nitray






I do love my chateaux. The architecture amazes me.

So begins the next phase of my trip—no English allowed. It’s morning, noon and night speaking French…even at meal time.

Tomorrow there is a short oral test and then language classes begin. At 4:30 we begin cooking and I found out that at the dinner we have to do a presentation on what we cooked and how we cooked it. UGH…a whole new vocabulary!!!

Pictures to come!

P.S. I kind of got olost, but not big time. I actually did NOT listen to the GPS at times because I knew (yes, I KNEW), it was wrong.

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