April 21: First Carrots, Now Bananas! France’s Influence On Jan

Ecole des Trois Ponts Riorges France

Ecole des Trois Ponts

Ecole des Trois Ponts

Ecole des Trois Ponts







Just to clarify someone’s comment on a previous blog (I’m sure it was you, Judy!), YES, I dislike cooked carrots (see picture of my tormented carrot above—difficult to tell, but I had a very difficult time peeling him) and actually ate the carrots BUT only because they had been cooked, pureed, and mixed with fromage blanc, egg whites and butter before being baked. THEN, bacon strips were added at the end. So, it’s not like I was really eating a cooked carrot.

This morning I won a competition. There was a lot of yelling. (I say I am not competitive, but I guesss I am). The right anser, for those of you who care, was:

Nous ne nous sommes pas habilles.

I won because I remembered the “s” on habilles.

OK, big deal.

After break, our brains were TAXED because we were learning how to properly use pronouns. After lunch my classmates and I practiced what we learned and we did our homework. No time to run. Iknow what you are thinking, “She’s on vacation and she’s working, working, working! She’s NUTS!!” Oui.

So, now comes our dinner. The menu was:

  • Tri-coloured fish terrine (Merlan, Spinach and Salmon)
  • Mayonnaise (home made, of course)
  • Rack of Lamb En Croute
  • Banana and Star Anise in Foi
  • Wine
  • 4 Cheeses

Making homemade mayonnaise was remarkably easy…just lots of whisking. And, I learned how to debone a rack of lamb. (“Desosser”). It was easy too. Finally, the BANANA. Yes, you see the word BANANA. Most of you know I don’t like bananas. That was int eh PAST. Tonight’s bananas were SOOO good I wanted to lick the plate. Why? The dessert had a caramel sauce over it that was fabulous…after being sautéed in butter. We were all taking spoonfuls of the sauce once we had made our individual “packets” of banana + sauce + anise stars.

I won’t even go into how much butter and cream we have been using this week. According to our chef, Mickeal, those in the north (of France) primarily use butter. Those in the south use olive oil. Studies have shown that those in the north have more cardiac problems than those from the south. At this cooking school we have been using both.

Here are some pictures:

Deboning the lamb:

Deboning the lamb Ecole des Trois Ponts Riorges France

Deboning the lamb

Deboning the lamb Ecole des Trois Ponts

Deboning the lamb Ecole des Trois Ponts






Whisking the eggs, oil and dijon mustard to make mayonnaise:

Whisking the eggs Ecole des Trois Ponts

Whisking the eggs

Putting the lamb into the dough (en croute):

Lamb en croute Ecole des Trois Ponts

Lamb en croute

The final fish terrine served at dinner:

Fish Terrine Ecole des Trois Ponts Riorges, France

Fish Terrine

And another four cheeses:

  • Le Buche de Boissy
  • Le Morbiers
  • Le Munster
  • L’Epoisse
    4 Cheese at Ecole des Trois Ponts

    4 Cheeses


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