April 22: Final Dinner….Á Bientôt

The group at Ecole des Trois Ponts Riorges France

The group at Ecole des Trois Ponts

My fellow classmates and me with our teacher, Valerie.

Mickeal and Jan at Ecole des Trois Ponts Riorges, France

Mickeal and Jan

Avec Mickeal, le chef. He trained at Maison Troisgros, the famous 3 star Michelin restaurant in Roanne. He is a superb chef and teacher. Maison Troisgros is one of the top restaurants IN THE WORLD!

Another beautiful day (25 and sunny) and our final 3 hours of classes this morning. I hope you will laugh (? OK, maybe you had to be here, or maybe you have to be French) as much as we did when I tell you about some sayings tourists or non-French use that are totally wrong and embarrassing).

Here are a few:

  • Never use the verb “Prendre” to say you are bringing a person somewhere because it has a sexual connotation (ie. “Je prends John au restaurant”—BAD!)
  • Don’t say, I was excited using “J’etais exiter” because this means you were sexually excited
  • Don’t say, “J’ai change une position”, say “J’ai change un poste” (job). Sounds almost rude to say “position” when you really mean job
  • Don’t say, ‘mes films favourites” because you’ll sound like a tourist. Say, “mes films preferes”
  • Bad to say, “Je m’excuse”. Say, “Excusez-moi”
  • Say, “beaucoup de”, not “beaucoup des…”. Once again you’ll sound like a tourist!


I don’t know what dish to show you first as we made so many dishes. Tonight it’s “finger food”. Many of the dishes were presented in shot glasses. Here’s the list:

  • Savoury dishes in small glassware: Quail eggs with cream and chives, Madeleine with Roquefort, Crab roll, Cucumber and Smoked Salmon in a yogurt sauce
  • Sweet desserts in small glassware: Passion fruit crumble, Chocolate custard (really a mousse)
  • Eclairs et Chouquettes (pate a choux) filled with vanilla cream
  • Plus, of course, the usual red, white and rose wine

To help you understand that we spent 3 hours making everything, here’s a partial list of all the ingredients:

  • regular eggs (a ton)
  • quail eggs
  • chives
  • butter (a ton)
  • flour
  • Roquefort cheese
  • olive oil
  • cucumber
  • smoked salmon
  • apples
  • yogurt
  • mango
  • pineapple
  • passion fruit
  • gingerbread cookie
  • 72% cocao chocolate
  • sugar (lots)
  • milk
  • cream (a ton)

What a celebration!

Here are “in the making” and after pictures:

The final dinner presentation:

Cucumber and Smoked Salmon

Cucumber and Smoked Salmon


Items on table

Passion Fruit Crumble

Passion Fruit Crumble






With some classmates..and wine (oh what a surprise!):

Ecole des Trois Ponts

Ecole des Trois Ponts

With my certificate and Mickael. What a week!

MIckeal and jan Ecole des Trois Ponts

MIckeal and Jan

I have mixed feelings about leaving the Ecole tomorrow. While I absolutely loved the netire week and food, I am “stuffed to the gills” and could not continue eating like this another week. I am looking forward to coming home and relaxing. I know, you think, “Gee, she’s been on holidays for 10 months surely she doesn’t need a rest”; however, studying at the Ecole des Trois Ponts was a lot of work and daily, it was “taxing” on the brain….but a good taxing. Continuing to learn French is a passion of mine and being in France has been like a dream. When will I return? Je ne said pas. Je voudrais revenir plutot. (I don’t know. I would like to return soon).

I love thinking in French, speaking in French and listening in French. It is a challenge…but a fun one.

Now, on to Paris tomorrow for one night. Not sure what I will do, but I will love every moment.

Toute a l’heure (later!).


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