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Finding Your Happy Place In France

Happy Place: Luxembourg Gardens

Where is your “happy place”? That place that is a retreat from the stresses of work or just life. That place where you can relax, refocus, and recharge (the 3 Rs). By definition, happiness is a state of well being and contentment. My definition of happiness: France. This week I share with you 4 places in France that have brought me great happiness and I suggest how you can find your own happy place in France. Continue Reading →

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Wine Experiences For The Senses In Paris

Les Caves du Louvre, Paris Wine experiences

At times visiting a museum can be tiring. There is so much to see and that’s primarily what you do: just look and take pictures. But to “experience” a museum using more than one of your senses offers a more unique visit. During my visit to Les Caves du Louvre in Paris  I had this type of experience and it certainly helped me learn more about wine. I then followed it up with a tasting at O Chateau. Both are aimed at informing wine lovers (and novices) about wine: how it’s made and how one tastes wine.

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How To Travel With Friends And Remain Friends

Kayaking on the Pont du Gard travellling with friends

Let’s Travel Together

Join me while we go camping for the weekend. We’ll sleep in tents, eat dehydrated food, trek many miles through the wilderness, get mosquito bites galore, and get blisters and filthy dirty. Then we’ll come home exhausted.

Someone I know does this every year. He loves it and will say he had a great time. Not my cup of tea, but as the French would say, “A chacun son gout” (to each his own). Continue Reading →

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My Experience Learning French at Ecole des Trois Ponts (France)

Ecole des Trois Ponts France

I wanted to share my posts from a previous blog I had in 2011. I attended the Language and Cooking School in France, Ecole des Trois Ponts in Riorges, France. It is located near Roanne which is west of Lyon. I took language classes in the morning and cooking classes in the afternoon (after doing some homework). Everything—all meals, classes, cooking and interactions—-were done in French. It was one of the best experiences learning French. Continue Reading →