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I am so honoured that Francetraveltips.com is featured in these publications, websites and podcasts. Check out the interesting articles here.

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Guest Contributor At Impact Magazine

Staying Active En VacancesImpact Magazine Article

Contributing Writer For Google’s New Travel Tool, “Touring Bird”Touring Bird--Paris

In September 2018 Google launched a new travel tool in their experimental incubator called Google’s Area 120.  It was called Touring Bird [no link]and had many of my contributions about “Local Tips” in Paris—-and these are experiences that I have written about on my website.  In November 2019, it was decided that Touring Bird would no longer be a separate site but would be incorporated into Google travel area.  It’s unclear at this point as to how it will work but I am honoured to have contributed 20 unique experiences in Paris.

Contributing Writer At GettingOnTravel.Com:GettingOnTravel

At the online travel magazine, Getting On Travel.  Articles:

Culinary Travel In Europe: Dishes That Linger On Our Tastebuds

Picture Perfect Kayaking In Southern France

Best Boomer Tips For Savvy Boomers

Mais oui! Learning French at a language school in France

Easy-To-Find Happiness In France

Active Holiday In France

Tips For Hiking The French Alps (When You’re Not Really A Hiker)

Guest Contributor At Auto Europe:

Featured In AutoEurope

Other Contributions:10 Unique Ways To Display Your Travel Photos (Forbes)

10 Unique Ways to Display Your Travel Photos-Forbes

The 50 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Mediterranean for a Spectacular Mediterranean Vacation-Menton-History Fan Girl   

Best Castles In Europe–Château de Villandry-Two Drifters   

Paris For The Holidays-Misadventures With Andi  

Inspiring Travel Books for When You Can’t Travel-Peter Mayle’s A Year In Provence-Travel Past 50

Travel Coronavirus Impact -Expert Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers-Luggage and Lipstick

Best Canadian Credit Cards – Travel Hacker Guide—CreditWalk

Three Places In Provence To Visit More Than Once—Perfectly Provence

The Romantic Cruise Destinations For Couples In the Mediterranean—Azamara

Exploring The South Of France– A Road Trip Guide

My video of the sheep migration during the Transhumance in Saint-Remy-de-Provence: 11 Traditions From The South of France. – Frenchly.us

Chateau de Villandry- Fairytale Châteaux-The Best Castles In France– TwoDrifters.us

A special lunch in Robion, Provence- “My Blogger Pals Share Their 2016 Travel Secrets”– journeywoman.com

Visiting Avignon, France—“Trip of a Lifetime: Bloggers Pick Their Must-See Destinations“–rachelheller.org  

Gates at Château de Fontainebleau, France-“Gates Around The World: Doorways To Travel“–MoreTimeToTravel.com   

Stained glass window in Chateau d’Amboise–“Windows Around The World Open Doors To Lifestyle and Culture” —MoreTimeToTravel.com   

Unique door at Musée Grévin in Paris— “Picturesque ‘doortraits’ around the world” —MoreTimeToTravel.com 

Kayaking At The Pont du Gard—“12 Best Outdoor Adventures In Europe”–ContentedTraveller.com 

Picnic Spots in Paris—“Pique-Nique Parisien: Best Picnic Spots In Paris”—DuVine Cycling and Adventures  (Duvine.com)

Free Save Splurge—FreeInParis.com  

Marathon du Medoc: A Challenge Not To Be Missedoneworld365.org  

A Delicious Challenge. France’s Marathon du Medoc –Running Room Magazine  

Website Interviews

Le Petit Journal Interview

Le Petit Journal Interview (January 2020)About my Renault Eurodrive lease “Avec le transit temporaire, j’ai voyagé en France en toute sérénité”  (in French. If you want to read it in English, you can have Google Chrome translate it)

University of Western Ontario (Western University)

University of Western Ontario-Western University article

Alumna turns French dreams into a travel reality

Travel Awaits

Travel Awaits Interview with France Travel Expert Janice Chung

Interview With France Travel Expert Janice Chung

Other Interviews:

9 Travel Bloggers Tips To Inspire Your Next Trip To France and Paris France-Hotel-Guide.com

Language Cooking Classes In France: A Conversation With Janice ChungPinkPangea.com

23 Unconventional Places Introverts Would Love To Travellifehack.org

Podcast Interviews

Featured in podcastsI had the honour to be interviewed on two podcasts:

  •  “Join Us In France” where I was the featured guest four times.
    • I shared many unique experiences one can try in France. Check out the podcast in iTunes or on the Join Us In France website. Or you can listen to the podcast here.
    • I discussed the many chateaux in the Loire valley and described many of the experiences one can have in the area, such as doing a hot air balloon ride through the area. The podcast can be found in iTunes or on the Join Us In France website (Loire Valley Castles You Shouldn’t Skip).
    • Highlights of my trip to Etretat in Normandy with a focus on seeing the magnificent cliffs in the episode, “Tips For A Visit To Etretat In Normandy“.
    • Sharing my experience at three different French Immersion schools in France in the episode, “ French Immersion Programs”  Episode 288.
  • “1001 Travel Tales” where I shared travel tips for those planning a trip to France. Check out the podcast on Stitcher, or on iTunes website where you can also read the transcripts.
  • “Talking France” with blogger, Cindy McCain on YouTube and her podcast, “Travel People“.


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