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Contributing Writer

Google’s New Travel Tool, “Touring Bird”

Launched in September 2018 and had many of my contributions about “Local Tips” in Paris. A year later, it was decided that Touring Bird would no longer be a separate site but would be incorporated into Google travel area.  It’s unclear at this point as to how it will work but I am honoured to have contributed 20 unique experiences in Paris.


Auto Europe

Featured In AutoEurope

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Impact Magazine Article

Website Interviews

Forbes Interview

Murder In….TV Series Beckons Tourists To Discover France

Le Petit Journal Interview

Le Petit Journal Interview (January 2020)

University of Western Ontario (Western University)

Alumna turns French dreams into a travel reality

University of Western Ontario-Western University article

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Podcast Interviews

Featured in podcasts

I had the honour to be interviewed on three podcasts:

Join Us In France

I was the featured guest four times on this popular podcast and you can listen to it on Annie’s website or on Apple or Spotify.

1001 Travel Tales with Rachel Heller and Shobha George

Travel Tips From 27+ Trips To France (March 9, 2017 on Apple Podcasts)

Travel People with Cindy McCain 

Talking France