First Time Tips To France

Check out these pages and posts for helpful information for first-time tips to France. It covers information from other first-timers as well as information on using the Paris Metro, 10 Dos and Don’ts, and getting to/from Charles de Gaulle Airport (cheaper is not always better).

For those who have already been, you’ll no doubt pick up some useful advice and ideas for some unique experiences.

Your First Trip To Paris: Two Common Questions Answered

Using The Paris Metro

Alternatives To Walking In Paris or Any City

10 Dos and Don’ts When In France

Top 10 Helpful Hints

Museums in Paris

Advice On Using The Paris Museum Pass: Is It Worth It?

Running In France

My First Time To France–Dear Dad Letter

Reader Asks For A 3-Day Itinerary

What Travellers Wish Someone Had Told Them Before Going To Paris

Charles de Gaulle Airport To Paris: Cheaper Isn’t better

Which Types Of Accommodation In France Are Right For You?

Where To Stay In France-Jan’s Picks

If you are considering renting an Airbnb, here are some helpful tips: Making Sure Your First Airbnb In Normandy Is A Success

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First time tips for travel in France