Fly In A Hot Air Balloon in the Loire Valley

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Loire Valley, France.

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Loire Valley, France. Photo: J. Chung

From the moment you lift off to the final celebration with champagne, this is one experience worth taking. It can be expensive and depending on the weather, the flight might be cancelled at the last moment; however, the view of the area and sitings of chateaux make the experience quite memorable. Guess I have a thing for hot air ballons. I think they’re beautiful.

They are also especially quite once you lift off. Don’t worry about getting motion sick. It is a very smooth ride. You go with the air currents and the pilot and maneauver the balloon to ride high in the sky or low, very close to the ground.

Hot air balloon rides are given in many regions of France including the Loire Valley, Burgundy, and Provence. My advice is to book in advance. It is not an experience that you can do at the last minute (as they get booked up quickly). Hot air balloon rides were also on my bucket list.

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