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Can’t seem to part with your smartphone when you go away? Concerned about the high roaming costs of phone calls and data? After much research, I have found “Le French Mobile” to be one of the best prepaid services for mobile phones in Europe, and in particular, in France. And their support is in English.

Le French Mobile: www.lefrenchmobile.com

Here’s how it works

  1. Order a SIM card from Le French Mobile. The SIM card is basically free. You are paying for shipping (2 Euros) and a credit. You have the choice of 15 Euros or 40 Euros worth of credit to be used against the purchase of a data package or towards phone calls. You can use your credit against data bundles for just France or the entire European Union. Any remaining credit is used toward phone calls. Your credit has no expiry date.
  2. When it arrives an email will be sent to you confirming your PIN code and PUK code which you will need to activate your phone.
  3. When you arrive in France (ie. Charles de Gaulle airport that has free Wifi), insert your SIM card and type in the PIN and PUK codes. If you have an iPhone, you will have to download the APN settings using the Wifi connection. Your first call has to be made from the European Union. You will automatically receive your French phone number.
  4. Once your SIM card is activated, you will need to mail (or email) them the personal information sheet within 15 days. It is required by French law.
  5. It is easy to top up your phone with more credit, simply by going online. Once the credit is connected to your account, you can subscribe to a data bundle by sending a text message. The data bundle cost will be deducted from your current credit balance.

I know some people on Tripadvisor forums have stated that Le French Mobile is more expensive than other companies, however, I did not find this. Some have connection fees and some are much more complicated to use.

There are other service providers that looked good, but in the end I felt most comfortable with Le French Mobile. Certainly do your due diligence and check out these too:






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