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#JansFrance2CVThink you know Paris? Each week I will be posting a picture of my Citroen 2CV car in front of a famous Parisian monument or location. Follow the challenge on Twitter and Instagram (both are @JansFrance) using the hashtag # JansFrance2CV and make your guess. At the end of each week I will post the answer below. Don’t cheat and look below if you’ve just joined in.

Have some fun and make a guess!

Where is JansFrance2CV each week?

1.JansFrance2CV Moulin Rouge

2.JansFrance2CV Arc de Triomphe

3.JansFrance2CV Luxembourg Gardens

4.JansFrance2CV PlaceVendome

5.JansFrance2CV Louvre Pyramid

6.JansFrance2CV SacreCoeur

7.JansFrance2CV Montmartre Rue Foyatier

8.JansFrance2CV Opera

9.JansFrance2CV Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

10.JansFrance2CV Place des Vosges

11.JansFrance2CV Musee dOrsay

12.JansFrance2CV La Conciergerie

13.JansFrance2CV Rodin Thinker

14.JansFrance2CV Jeu de Paume

15.JansFrance2CV Bastille

16. JansFrance2CV Notre Dame

17. JansFrance2CV PontAlexandre

18. JansFrance2CV Musee de l'Orangerie


19.JansFrance2CV Pompidou Centre

20. JansFrance2CV ChampsElysee

21.JansFrance2CV Grand Palais

22. JansFrance2CV Petit Palais

23. JansFrance2CV Place de la Concorde

JansFrance2CV StravinskyFountain


25. JansFrance2CV Place Madeleine

26.JansFrance2CV Eiffeltower


Week #1: Moulin Rouge

Week #2: Arc de Triomphe

Week #3: Luxembourg Gardens

Week #4: Place Vendome

Week #5: Louvre Pyramid

Week #6: Sacre Coeur

Week #7: Rue Foyatier in Montmartre

Week #8: Opera Garnier

Week #9: Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Week #10: Place des Vosges

Week #11: Musée d’Orsay

Week #12: La Conciergerie

Week #13: Rodin Museum

Week #14: Jeu de Paume

Week #15: Bastille

Week #16: Notre Dame

Week #17: Pont Alexandre

Week #18: Musee de L’Orangerie

Week #19: Centre Georges Pomipdou

Week #20: Champs Elysee

Week #21: Le Grand Palais

Week #22: Le Petit Palais

Week #23: Place de la Concorde

Week #24: Stravinsky Fountain by Georges Pompidou Centre

Week #25: Place de la Madeleine

Week #26: Eiffel Tower

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