Past Itineraries To France To Consider

It all began with a two-week trip to Paris and Provence in the south in 1978. The following is a list of all of my trips to France… date. Obviously, there are many more trips to come!  Yes, I have travelled to many, many other countries since 1978, but why bother listing them? They aren’t FRANCE.

Here are the past itineraries for each of 32+ trips to France helping you plan your next trip. They include information about sites and special experiences.  Check out the itineraries below or the tab above which shows the location mentioned in the itineraries. [For your future reference, you can save these itineraries in Pinterest]

  1. Paris, Provence and the Cote d’Azur and Dear Dad: Thanks For Taking Me To FranceTrip #1 to France_ Paris and Provence
  2. Provence, Cote d’Azur, Burgundy, Chantillyrip #2 to France_ Provence and the Côte d'Azur
  3. Loire Valley and ParisTrip # 3 To France-Chateaux of the Loire Valley & Paris
  4. Paris, Loire, Burgundy, French Alps, ProvenceTrip #4 To France_ Paris, Burgundy, Loire Valley, French Alps, Provence & Côte d'Azur
  5. ProvenceTrip #5 To France_ Provence
  6. ParisTrip #6 To France_ Paris
  7. Dodogne, Bordeaux wine area, ParisTrip #7 To France_ Biking in the Dordogne and Bordeaux
  8. Normandy, ParisTrip #8 To France_ Normandy, Chartres, and Paris
  9. Let’s Meet Up in ParisTrip #9 To France_ Paris
  10. Alsace region, ParisTrip #10 To France; Alsace and Paris
  11. Burgundy, Champagne, and ParisTrip #11 To France_ Burgundy, Champagne, and Paris
  12. Provence, Dordogne, ParisTrip #12 To France_ Provence, Dordogne, and Paris
  13. Cote d’Azur and ParisTrip #13 To France_ Côte d'Azur and Paris
  14. Paris, AnnecyTrip #14 To France_ Annecy and Paris
  15. ParisTrip #15 To France-Paris
  16. Rambouillet, Fontainebleau and ParisTrip #16 to France_ Rambouillet, Fontainebleau and Paris
  17. Paris and RiorgesTrip #17 To France-Paris, Tuscany and Morocco
  18. Cooking in France, The Chateaux Of The Loire Valley and Running In The Paris Marathon                                                             –My Week At Ecole des Trois Ponts Language and Cooking SchoolTrip # 18 Cooking in France, the Loire Valley and Running In The Paris Marathon
  19. Loire Valley and ParisTrip #19 To France_ Chateaux of the Loire Valley and Paris
  20. ParisTrip #20 To France-Paris
  21. New Year’s Eve In ParisTrip #21 To France_ New Year's Eve In Paris
  22. My New Life Begins: Bordeaux, Biarritz, Dordogne, Lyon, ParisTrip #22 To France_ Bordeaux, SW France, Dordogne, Lyon, & Paris
  23. Montpellier, Paris

    Trip #23 To France_ Montpellier, Sete, Paris

    Trip #23 To France_ Montpellier, Sete, Paris

  24. Loire Valley, Paris, and Provence With a Little Spain and Italy Thrown InTrip #24- Loire Valley, Paris, Provence, Spain, and Italy
  25. London and Paris HIghlightsTrip #25_ London and Paris Highlights
  26. French Alps and A Short Visit To SwitzerlandTrip #26_ French Alps and a short visit to Switzerland
  27. Paris, Bordeaux and enroute to MarseilleTrip #27_ Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse And Enroute To Marseille
  28. Brittany and ProvenceTrip #28: Brittany and Provence
  29. Lyon, French Immersion and ParisTrip #29 To France: Paris
  30. ParisTrip #30 To France (Paris)

31. The Ardèche, Provence, Paris, and NormandyTrip #31- The Ardeche, Provence, Paris & Normandy

32. Paris In OctoberTrip #32 to France-Paris

33. 2 Month Itinerary In FranceTrip # 33 To France :My 2 Month Itinerary For France

34. 12 Days In Menton And NiceTrip #34 To France-12 Days In Menton And Nice

Looking for more ideas for your next trip? Have a look at this map too see all the places I’ve written about in previous posts. Just click on a place and a link to a previous post will pop up.

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