Restaurants everywhere. Just like there are boulangeries everywhere in Paris.

I have checked out many of the restaurants reviewed by Bon Apetite, The New York Times, National Geographic Traveller, and countless newspapers and I have compiled a list of MY favourites. The following is a list of restaurants I have eaten at and LOVE due to the ambiance and the culinary creations:

Le Grand Colbert (2, rue Vivienne)

Le Grand Colbert, Paris.

Le Grand Colbert, Paris. Photo: J. Chung

Aux Lyonnaise (32, rue Saint-Marc)

Aux Lyonnais, Paris France.

Aux Lyonnais, Paris France. Photo: J. Chung

Restaurant Perraudin (157, rue Saint-Jacques)

Restaurant Perraudin, Paris France.

Restaurant Perraudin, Paris France. Photo: J. Chung

Le Procope (oldest restaurant in Paris) (13, rue Ancienne Comedie)

Le Procope, Paris.

Le Procope, Paris. Photo: J. Chung

Aux Charpentiers (10, rue Mabillon)

Aux Charpentiers, Paris France

Aux Charpentiers, Paris. Photo: J. Chung

Chez Georges (1, rue du Mail)–no website.

Chez Georges, Paris France.

Chez Georges, Paris France. Photo: J. Chung

Brasserie Balzar (49, rue des Ecoles)

Brasserie Balzar, Paris.

Brasserie Balzar, Paris. Photo: J. Chung

Le Bar a Huitres (for superb oysters) ( 33, rue Saint-Jacques)

Le Bar a Huitres, Paris France

Le Bar a Huitres, Paris. Photo: J. Chung

Les Bouquinistes (owned by Guy Savoy) (53, Quai des Grands Augustins)

Les Bouquinistes, Paris France

Les Bouquinistes, Paris. Photo: J. Chung

Thoumieux (79 rue Saint-Dominique)

Thoumieux, Paris France

Thoumieux, Paris. Photo: J. Chung

Chartier (7, rue du Faubourg)

Chartier Restaurant , Paris France

Chartier, Paris France

Brasserie Bofinger (5-7 rue de la Bastille)

Brasserie Bofinger Restaurant Paris France

Brasserie Bofinger, Paris France

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    October 17, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    This is fabulous! I want to go back and visit all the ones we’ve been to and try the ones I haven’t eaten at … yet! Magnifique!!

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