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Searching For A Great French Meal In Lyon

Lyon France

A few years ago I was in Lyon, France, which is known as the food capital of France (along with Paris, I would think) and I was on the search for a really good, reasonably-priced French meal. My search ended with a meal I had not planned on but the experience was memorable.

Searching In Presq’ile, Lyon

French meal in Lyon


I ventured to the Presq’ile (peninsula) area of Lyon, which is the heart of Lyon searching for a bouchon. A bouchon is a type of restaurant that serves traditional Lyonnaise cuisine such as sausages, roast pork, and duck paté. The dishes tend to be quite fatty and meat is the focus of the meal.

I was standing in front of a popular restaurant when I noticed 3 other couples doing the same thing as me: peering down at our smartphones, looking at restaurant reviews. We got talking and discovered we were all looking for the same thing: a good restaurant for dinner. Sadly the one we were standing in front of was fully booked. So, the 7 of us walked together to find the next restaurant on the list. Fully booked.

We lost 2 couples who decided to go back to a restaurant where they thought they could get in and I was left with the other couple. We decided to find another restaurant on the list and have dinner together.

La Meuniere, Lyon

Searching For A Great FRench Meal In La Meuniere Lyon France

La Meuniere, Lyon France

What a great opportunity! I had dinner with a lovely couple from Carmel, California who told me all about the Big Sur Marathon and how scenic it is. (I had recently run the Marathon du Medoc so I was all ears). We ate dinner at La Meuniere and subsequently discovered it gets great reviews in TripAdvisor and on other websites. Not surprising as it was one of the best meals during my trip. While the décor looks like it hasn’t changed in 50 years, the food was fabulous.

Searching For A Great French Meal In Lyon France

La Meuniere Lyon France

The French Meal

  • red wine with cassis liqueur (never had that before. I always had a white wine Kir: white wine and cassis liqueur)
  • red wine
  • Salad with huge lardons (like bacon)
  • Pike quenelles in lobster sauce –classic Lyonnaise dish that is pike in a rich and creamy sauce
  • Cheese macaroni ?
  • Apple tart

Total cost for the prix fixe meal: 36 Euros (about $52.00 Cdn). At the end of the meal we met with the owner/chef, who looks like someone out of the movies, especially when you look at his moustache. But he was absolutely delightful and accommodating.

Searching For A Great French Meal In Lyon France

La Meuniere chef and couple from California

La Meuniere was one of the best “dining” experiences I’ve had. I didn’t get my fill of meat that night, but it didn’t matter.  The restaurant is not fancy, but definitely feels authentic and unpretentious.

La Meuniere:  11 Rue Neuve, 69001 Lyon, France

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    December 25, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    I love the fact that food unites us. What an experience, to dine with people of similar minds in a well chosen restaurant.

    • Reply
      December 25, 2015 at 3:25 pm

      So nice meeting new people and sharing a meal.

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