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Welcome! Glad you decided to “Start Here”. France Travel Tips is a website created to help travellers plan their next trip to France with unique experiences in France that are not always written about in travel guides. I love France and whether this is your first time or it’s a repeat visit, I hope my ideas can inspire you and help you save time and money.

Why I Created This Website

My background is in the field of education where I loved helping others. I’ve travelled to France 32 times and my friends and family would often ask me to help them plan their trips. I have enjoyed doing this simply to help them enjoy France as much as I do.

I decided to create this website because there are so many unique experiences I think others would like to know about. Every time I go to France I seek out something that the tour books have overlooked.

This is the focus of France Travel Tips because I believe the best memories of trips are not from one’s purchases, but from their experiences.

Who Am I

Janice Chung France Travel Tips

Janice Chung

I’m Janice Chung, a retired Principal from Toronto, Canada with careers in advertising and education. I have always enjoyed learning, researching, helping people, and writing and have now discovered a way to combine all of these passions with my love of France. You can read more about my journey here.

My Blog: France Travel TipsFrancetraveltips Website Photo 2019

France Travel Tips has almost 200 posts and over 125 pages which provide readers with all sorts of active, outdoor, learning, culinary, and arts and entertainment experiences. These experiences have taken place all over France in small towns and big cities like Paris.

I am passionate about France and feel at home when I am there. My posts reflect my adventures in a genuine and honest way. I share the steps I took and the obstacles I encountered. I also share tips that have made my trips more enjoyable and hope they help others. 

What Do You Need Help With?

I hope my website will give you ideas to make your trip truly unique. I’ve organized the site so that you can find posts under categories so that you can hopefully find content that suits your need such as:



  • provides details on the city and what to see, Unique Paris Experiences and some day trips from Paris worth considering

Travel Map of Blog PostsFrance Travel Tips Travel Map Of Blog Posts

Above is a map with most of the posts and locations I have visited in France (and just outside of France). Check out the map and get some ideas on what to see and do.  Clicking on the map will direct you to Google Maps. You can also click this link: Posts On A Map. All you have to do it click on a town and you’ll get the name of the town and a link to a post about an experience there. Paris alone has 95 places that I’ve written about.

Travel Tips: 

Covers tips for the…

Trip Planning:

This section covers the mechanics of getting there and getting around. I’ve also listed the details about all my trips, providing you with my previous itineraries that you can save on Pinterest. Check out my Past Travel Itineraries For France page.

Other valuable resources include:  Where To Stay In France-Jan’s Picks

Be sure to check out some of the unique Sites To See. They might provide some interesting places to add to your itinerary.

Outside Of France

In this section, I share information about some countries next door to France (ie Switzerland, Italy, and the UK) and in other parts of the world (ie Visiting Bhutan And Finding My Shangri-La).


I’ve included valuable information (such as websites and apps) that will help make your trip more enjoyable: car rental companies, smartphone rentals, accommodation recommendations, and car leasing tips.  I’ve also created a few infographics that you can download, including a list of 10 beautiful places in France and 10 Dos and Don’ts When In France.


Find out more about me and see some of the articles on other websites or about my interviews on the podcasts, “Join Us In France” and “1001 Travel Tales”.

Popular Posts And Pages:

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I hope you find France Travel Tips helpful in your planning and that it provides you with ideas to make your next trip truly unique.   If you haven’t already done so,  please consider subscribing to my website.  Just click the  image below.

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Bon Voyage!