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There are many great websites that I frequent and they can be very helpful when planning a trip.

Auto Europe Car Rental

-Best car rental rates through AutoEurope (Canada site)  or AutoEurope (USA site)

INSIDR Smartphone that can be rented by the day. You can connect up to 8 devices and get 3GB of 4G data a day plus unlimited free local calls and texts. Best part? Pick it up at the airport and return it via the mailbox.

-Famous cooking school that has multi-day, full day, and half-day cooking workshops and demonstrations

-Provides information on new and favourite restaurants and patisseries

-Photographs alone are worth a visit to the website

-Paris bike tour company that does daytime and night-time trips culminating with drinking wine on a boat on the Seine river

-Excellent website offering traveller’s reviews and ratings on hotels, vacation spots, tours, etc.

-Reasonable and reliable American company that has many apartments in Paris for rent (I have rented # 186, “La Mouff” twice!!)

-Compilation of many homes in France. Website is a portal for owners; however it does have a “Home Away Payments” program which guarantees/protects your deposit. I used this website to book my Montpellier apartment and Provence house.

-Major website for booking a gite anywhere in France.  I have rented 2 gites and they have been wonderful!

-Booking a house in France. They also cover Italy and Britain. Rented a big house in Normandy.

-Booking a house or apartment in France, Italy, Spain or many other countries

-Great language and cooking school in Riorges, near Lyons—-total immersion and great food

-The online edition of the Paris Match magazine

-Canadian website of the television station TV5 bringing programming from France to Canada

-French language school in Toronto (schools are located all over the world too)

-French Academy Awards equivalent

Paris marathon

-The Paris Marathon website—what’s 42.2 km?

-Excellent summary of the markets in Paris

-Tourist guide to Paris

-Booking rail in France and other countries

-Booking a house or apartment in France

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If you would like to directly support me in a way that costs you nothing, you can do that via the affiliate links from  AutoEurope Canada, and AutoEurope USA, and INSIDR. They earn me some commission with no extra cost to you.

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