Stand In The Middle Of A Field Of Sunflowers

Sunflower in Provence France.
Sunflower in Provence France. Photo: J. Chung

There seems to be differing opinions as to when sunflowers in Provence truly bloom.

This picture was taken in early August and the fields were full of sunflowers standing tall—anywhere from 5 to 12 feet high. The field of sunflowers are stunning and you can get some great pictures like the one I did with a bumble bee resting on it.

Van Gogh Portrait
Van Gogh Portrait. Photo: J. Chung

Artist Van Gogh also found these sunflowers captivating. He spent much time in Provence (Arles and St. Remy-de-Provence) and he did a whole series of sunflower paintings.

I really feel the best time to see these beautiful flowers and get great pictures is in August.

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