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Travel Tips-France Travel TipsIn this section, I have all different types of quick travel tips ranging from saving money to tips for first-timers to France. Use the drop-down menu to see the posts for first-timers, for saving money, and for insider tips.

First Time Tips

Advice And Money Saving Tips

Here are some  of the posts providing more advice and tips:

      1. Money Saving Tip
      2. Top 10 Helpful Hints
      3. Tips And Tricks To Save $ Flying To France
      4. 10 Tips For Renting A Home In France
      5. 10 Dos and Don’ts When In France
      6. Lessons Learned From Past Trips
      7. Advice About Luggage and Locks When Travelling
      8. Save Money When Travelling: Hotels, Cars, Trains
      9. Before Heading To Paris: What To Plan In Advance
      10. Getting Different Views Of Paris
      11. Travelling To Spain From France: Avoid My Mistake
      12. Trip Advice Part 1: Booking Tours Before You Travel
      13. Trip Advice Part 2: Traffic Tickets In France
      14. Stretch Your Dollar, Not Your Budget
      15. Paris Museum Pass: Good Value?
      16. How To Travel With Friends And Remain Friends
      17. Paris Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive
      18. Perfect Places To Picnic In Paris
      19. A Tale Of Two Hikes In The French Alps: What You Need To Know
      20. A Reader Asks For Trip Advice: What Should We Do In Paris?
      21. 4 Lessons Learned The Hard Way In France
      22. Dealing With Stomach Problems When Travelling
      23. Winter Sale Season In France: Les Soldes
      24. Ordering Steak Frites Like The French
      25. What You Need To Know About Bouillabaisse In Marseille
      26. Advice From Travellers: What They Wish Someone Had Told Them About Paris
      27. What To Expect When You Take A French Immersion Course In France
      28. Charles de Gaulle Airport To Paris: Cheaper Isn’t Better
      29. How To Have A Less Stressful Departure From Paris
      30. Where To Charge Your Phone In Paris For Free
      31. The Toll Lane In France Took Its Toll On Me
      32. Your Options If There’s A French Train Strike
      33. The Dress. The Sweater. The Argument In French.
      34. Renter Beware: costly roadside assistance in France
      35. INSIDR Smartphone In Paris: Making Travelling Easier
      36. Free Water in Paris: Wallace Fountains
      37. Encountering Credit and Debit Card Problems In France

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    Paul Chezter
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    Hey Jan,

    Thanks for this interesting blog. I especially like the article about Money Saving tips.
    Your web site is very useful to travels so I included it in the article I wrote called Top Travel Blogs for France I am looking forward to your next articles.

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