Riding A Bicycle In France

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Velib bicylce rental Paris, France

Velib, Paris France

Ride a bicycle in France, either by taking a tour or renting a bike.


I have done the Fat Tire Bike Company tour twice because I liked it so much. The bikes are great, even for those who haven’t been on a bike in ages. The nighttime tour is best because the traffic isn’t as bad and you end the tour at the Seine where you take a boat ride with a little wine. What better way to see Paris!

Renting a bicycle is another fun thing to do. It’s a great way to see a town or the countryside. I have rented bikes in various cities and in Paris, for example, use of the Velib is virtually free. Check out my “Alternatives To Walking In Paris Or Any City post to get more information. In Cavaillon, I rented from Cyclix, located in the heart of the town and for an afternoon biking to some Provencal towns it only cost me 10 Euros.

In France

I also highly recommend taking a bike tour. There are many companies which will do tours in the Loire Valley, Provence, the Dordogne and Bordeaux areas. I have done two bike trips and loved them both. Check out my post about what it’s like to take a bike tour.

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