Using The Paris Metro

Paris France Metro

Buying Tickets For The Paris Metro

There are 303 stations and because you will likely be walking a lot during your stay, you might not use the Paris Metro enough to buy a weekly pass.

Paris Metro Ticket

The cost of one ticket (one use) is  1.8 Euros. On November 1, 2019 the price of a carnet, or book of  10 tickets is rising to 16€90 from 14.9 Euros.  This is in an effort to move to paperless tickets.

The paper tickets will cover you in zones 1 and 2. If you go outside these zones, it will cost you more. You can purchase the tickets at a machine with cash or credit or from an official ticket seller who is in a booth. DO NOT buy from people lingering in the area. You don’t know if these tickets are fakes.

An unlimited day pass costs approximately 11.15 Euros. You can buy 1, 2, 3 and 5 day passes.

UPDATE: The Metro ticket will be gradually phased out so that by 2021 riders will use re-chargeable touchless passes much like London’s oyster card.

Using The Metro

After you put your ticket through the machine. The door at the gate will automatically open and your ticket will be stamped. Be sure to retrieve the ticket in case you are asked to show it on the train to a Metro official.

Be forewarned that there are a lot of stairs and long hallways, particularly if you are transferring trains.

To get to your destination, find the line that you need to be on, determine the END station and that is the direction you need to go and the train that you need to take.

Metro Paris Subway App

Metro Paris Subway App

There is a great app where you input your current Metro station and where you want to go. The app will determine the most direct route and indicate the stations to transfer and the lines to take. It even will tell you if there are delays or closures. Well worth the $1.19 investment. It is called “Metro Paris Subway”.

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