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So Many Loire Valley Chateaux To See In A Week

Chateau de Chenonceau-some truly unique Chateaux

For the first week of my trip, my firend Judy joined me in visiting 11 chateaux in the Loire. When (not if) you go to France, the Loire should be on your list of “must-sees”. The architecture is stunning and each chateau is unique in its own way whether it be the landscaping, the gardens, the interior design, or the architecture. On this trip (Judy’s first and my fifth to the Loire), we visited:
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First Trip To France: Paris Tips

First Trip To France: Paris Tips

My niece Stephanie and her husband, Kyle, are going to be visiting France in April. This is her first trip to France and last weekend, she was peppering me with questions about Paris.  So, here is my letter to my niece and anyone taking their first trip to Paris. I’ve tried to offer to some tips for an enjoyable trip.

Dear Stephanie:
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Jan’s 5 Favourite France Experiences (Out of 100)

5 Favourite France Experiences

This is the beginning of my Top 100 list of great France experiences. I was only going to do 10, but there were so many to choose from that I decided I would simply list 5 and will keep adding on to the list.  So here are 5 that every traveler to France should consider:

Experience Chateau de Tertres, France.

Chateau de Tertres, France. Photo: J. Chung

Experience #1: Touring many Chateaux In The Loire Valley

1. Touring Many Chateaux In The Loire Valley (and staying in a few). I keep going back to the Loire to see the chateaux. While there are so many, I do love returning to Chateau de Chenonceau, which spans the River Cher. It is the second most visited Chateau in France (after Versailles). I have also been fortunate enough to have stayed in:

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