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Localers Food Tour Near Canal Saint Martin

Localers food tour near Canal Saint Martin

Often visitors to Paris don’t venture beyond the top tourist areas of the Champs Elysee, Eiffel Tower, or Louvre Museum but they should. You’ve heard of Soho in New York City? Paris has NoMa—-north of the Marais. This is an area that has become increasingly popular with its trendy boutiques, restaurants, and growing number of artisan food shops. I was able to sample some great foods during the Localers Food Tour Near Canal Saint Martin that I was invited to take. In this post, I share some of my favorite stops along our route. Continue Reading →

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The Journey To Becoming French

Are We French Yet?

I have a case of envy….French envy. Keith Van Sickle’s new book, “Are We French Yet?—Keith and Val’s Adventures In Provence” is comprised of 40 very entertaining stories about how he and his wife have attempted to adjust to part-time life in Provence. While the process to become (more) French was not without difficulties and many humorous incidents, I envy what they went through because in life it’s the journey to becoming French that matters, not the end result. Continue Reading →

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Where to see French films with English subtitles in Paris

Where to see French films with English subtitles in Paris

I’m not sure about where you live, but where I live, very few French movies (with English subtitles) are shown. I can get my “fix” when the International Film Festival comes to Toronto but that only happens for 2 weeks every September. What if you’re in the mood to see some good French films with English subtitles in Paris? Yes, they exist!  An organization called, “Lost In Frenchlation” holds special evenings where French films with English subtitles are shown. I attended Comedy Night when I was last in Paris and it was a really enjoyable evening with more than just “watching a movie”. There was stand up comedy and cocktails too! Continue Reading →