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How To Have A Less Stressful Departure From Paris

I will never forget our panic when 4 ladies and I headed to Charles de Gaulle airport. We decided we would take the Paris Metro to catch a train to the airport but discovered there was a strike (again, what else is new), and the Metro to Gare de Nord was affected. Catch a taxi? Good luck in finding one. We eventually did after a lot of searching and panic. This experience taught me that even without a strike, there can be great stress in getting to the airport in the morning to catch a flight. Taxis strike too! So what should you do? Here are my two pieces of advice on how you can have a less stressful departure from Paris:

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How To Have A Less Stressful Departure From Paris?

Gare du Nord station in Paris
Gare du Nord station in Paris

Recommendation #1: Book A Hotel Near The Airport

Less Stressful Departure From Paris by staying at the Hotel Nomad CDG1
Hotel Nomad CDG1

Book a hotel near the airport for the night before you leave. You will have the benefit of saving money. Consider that I paid $100 for a hotel room near the airport versus paying $170+ to stay in the city. I have found a great, reasonably-priced hotel near Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG).

It is called, the  Nomad Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle  and it is a relatively new, modern, and a very high tech hotel. I check in after dinner after I have  done a full day of site-seeing. No rushing around the morning that I fly out. Just a 5 minute free shuttle ride back to terminal 2D to catch my flight. (The shuttle is between Terminal 2F and Terminal 2D – TGV Railway Station, level 5, platform 2.)

The hotel rooms are spacious and everything is controlled by the tablet—-the window coverings, the lighting, and the screen projection television. The rain shower is in a glass cylinder but if you want some privacy, there is a curtain. I’ve stayed here twice for about $100 per night and the price included a buffet breakfast. It’s a great deal and gets high ratings in the reviews.

Recommendation #2: Store Your Luggage

Left luggage sign at Gare du Nord, Paris
Left luggage sign at Gare du Nord, Paris

Now that the hotel is arranged all I have to do is get rid my luggage after I check out of my apartment which often requires me to vacate by 9:30 am.  Gare du Nord is the station where one catches the train (RER) to the airport so this is the place where I want to leave my luggage. I can’t be lugging my suitcase all over Paris for the whole day. Instead, I check my luggage at the rail station’s baggage check (Left luggage in French =Consignes).

After you walk through the metal detector and put your luggage through an X-ray, you choose the size of locker that you want to use. The locker only accepts coins and once you have loaded the locker with your luggage and closed the door, you deposit your money (7.5 Euros) and receive a receipt that will allow you to get back into the locker. (So hang onto it!). Now you’re free for the day with nothing to lug around!

Obviously if you’re staying at a hotel that can hold your luggage for the day, then you’re already set! Just be sure your luggage is not kept out in the open where anyone can claim it or steal it.

So that’s how I’ve saved myself time and money, simply by storing my luggage at the train station and staying overnight at an airport hotel. Voilà.

Trying to figure out how you’ll get to Charles de Gaulle airport? Be sure to check out this post on your options. The cheaper way is not necessarily the best way: Charles de Gaulle Airport To Paris: Cheaper Isn’t Better

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