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My Experience Learning French at Ecole des Trois Ponts (France)

Ecole des Trois Ponts France

I wanted to share my posts from a previous blog I had in 2011. I attended the Language and Cooking School in France, Ecole des Trois Ponts in Riorges, France. It is located near Roanne which is west of Lyon. I took language classes in the morning and cooking classes in the afternoon (after doing some homework). Everything—all meals, classes, cooking and interactions—-were done in French. It was one of the best experiences learning French. I’ve ever had and feel it is also one of the best ways to improve one’s French.  My visit in 2011 was actually my second time. I had attended 6 months previously; however, I only did language classes.

Ecole des Trois Ponts in Riorges, France.

Pate a choux at Ecole des Trois Ponts in Riorges, France.

Cheese one night at Ecole des Trois Ponts in Riorges, France.

Cheese one night at Ecole des Trois Ponts in Riorges, France.

What Each Day Was Like: Language Lessons and Cooking

The following are links to the posts explaining what I did each day. There is a balance of language class information and cooking class information. Hopefully if you are considering doing French immersion in France, you’ll see what it is like. Yes, it can be intense; however, it is fun and in the end you DO improve!

In a future post I will share my other experiences learning French in France.

April 17: Arrival at Ecole des Trois Ponts (after doing the Paris Marathon)

April 18: FIrst Day Of Classes and Our First Cooking Class

April 19 (Part 1): The Cheese–Every night we had cheese at dinner. This post provides a list of all the cheese we ate that week.

April 19 (Part 2): Another Class and Preparing A Fish Dish

April 20: Having Fun In Class And Some Wine Tasting

April 21: Preparing Another Meal

April 22: More French I Learned In Class and Our Final Dinner

Ecole des Trois Ponts : French courses in France

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