Visit “Le Cafe Des Chats”

Cafe des Chats, Paris

Cafe des Chats, Paris

Yes, Le Cafe des Chats is unique in Paris.  You should really like cats and not be allergic to them. Go for a tea and dessert or lunch. Don’t worry. The place is very clean and the cats are so cute. The restaurant take particular care to be sure guests sanitize their hands and are given strict guidelines on the handling of the cats.

Cafe des Chats Paris, France

Cafe des Chats Paris, France

The restaurant works with animal welfare agencies and to ensure the environment was suitable for the adopted cats. While they are not allowed into the kitchen, they are free to roam anywhere in the cafe. All they ask is that you do not feed the cats and that you allow the cats to jump on you. There is a very peaceful atmosphere and everyone whispers so the cats aren’t disturbed. So if you want to relax while being surrounded by innocent felines, this is your place.

Cafe des Chats (original location), Paris

Cafe des Chats (original location), Paris

They have about 12 cats but the place is pretty big. When I went to their original location there was a downstairs area too so you don’t really see all 12 at one time. They are wandering all over.

They no longer take reservations but do offer hot and cold drinks (including wine), light meals (ie. quiche and salad), cheese, meat and vegetarian platters, and desserts. Go for just a drink/dessert, a meal, or brunch (on weekends).

I was pretty impressed with the decor and cleanliness of the place and have been to another in Paris that just wasn’t as modern and clean. I know this sounds weird, but the cats at Le Café Des Chats seemed friendlier. Go figure.

Le Café des Chats: open Tuesday to Sunday 12 noon-10:30 pm (11:00 pm Saturday and Sunday)

Address: 9 Rue Sedaine, Paris. (11th arrondissement)

Nearest Metro: Bréguet-Sabin (line 5)

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